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Comical sandwich board sign

Comical sandwich board in Hoboken (for the wrong reasons) Louise & Jerry’s has always been known for their clever sandwich board signs outside the (once) dive bar. But what is this sign outside the...

Amazon Echo Hoboken NJ 3

Amazon Echo

Quick review: Amazon Echo Six months ago we kind of bashed the whole concept of Amazon Echo. But what we didn’t tell you is that we later got an offer to buy it ahead...

Hoboken Doorman Package Delivery 2

Hoboken Doorman

Hoboken Doorman – What is it? (and why?) Have you heard of Hoboken Doorman? If not – here is what they say they are: “The local solution for all of your delivery issues, Hoboken...

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The Honorable William Wall

Floating Bar: The Honorable William Wall Have you checked out the “Honorable William Wall” floating bar that launches out of Jersey City yet? What is “Willy Wall?” The Honorable William Wall (also known as...

Modern Retro Finds Hoboken NJ 0

Modern Retro Finds

Modern Retro Finds – 91 Park Ave. in Hoboken, NJ Is the “retro” market big enough in 2015? A new furniture and accessory store Modern Retro Finds opened up last month over at 91...

Great ass in Hoboken NJ getting old 4

Getting Old

“Getting old” with someone – whether you’re in or out of a relationship – or looking to get into one – what you need to know!

Veneta Cucine Hoboken NJ Italian Kitchens 0

Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine – Fine Italian Kitchens Looks like a Veneta Cucine “dealer” is opening up at 11th & Madison. People must have mad cash in Hoboken! What is Veneta Cucine all about? Here’s what...

Comedians appearances 0

How Comedians succeed?

Where: How Comedians Succeed? We’ve promoted countless “comedy” acts here in Hoboken over the years. And back in the day – it seemed “important” to each comedian to promote where they have appeared… This,...

site upgrade 0

Site upgrade

We finally did a site upgrade this weekend. See what’s new and what’s coming.

Markdaniel barbershop hoboken nj 1

Markdaniel Barbershop

Markdaniel Barbershop Hoboken – 1032 Willow Avenue Opening recently at the former JC Barber Shop location is another called Markdaniel Barbershop. The owner Mark LoBiondo actually found the spot because we mentioned the former...