The lie we live

The lie we live (can you see the big picture?)

Most people don’t understand why you work, let alone how all the “pieces” of the world fit together so conveniently.

Like why is it so difficult for the majority of people to get substantially “ahead?” Or even those that DO have the potential to get ahead, don’t – because they’re busy living their lives “consuming” their excess pay on trivial things.

Those that take many steps back to analyze history and the “big picture” will understand this video montage made by Spencer Cathcart titled The Lie We Live. It’s meant to wake you up a little and put things into perspective, or to possibly redefine what it all means. And for whom.

Cleanup at Hoboken Gas Works

Hoboken Gas Works site “clean” – how can you be sure?

Close to a year and a half after PSE&G started this “cleanup” at the Hoboken Gas Works site near 13th & Clinton Streets – they seem to be “done” cleaning up whatever toxic mess was there.

You’d expect that if a public utility corporation would go through the hoops to appear that they did indeed clean it up – that the job was done to a satisfactory level of completion. But how can the public be sure? I know there are “tests” and reports – but can they be trusted? Do they get three or more independent companies to do the testing to ensure legitimacy?

One might never know, and it’d be great if all doubt can be removed (last thing you’d want to hear is that the ground underneath whatever building is built is still toxic 20 years down the road). Do they offer guarantees?

Hoboken gas works site how can you be sure it is really clean NJ

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Hoboken Movie Lineup: 2/27/2015

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesNew this weekend is Focus, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

“A con artiist (Will Smith) takes on an inexperienced apprentice in this crime comedy from the filmmaking duo behind Crazy Stupid Love, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.”

For one, you might want to be leery about this movie. Because when you have THREE trailers, that paint a completely different “picture” for what the movie is about, it’s a warning sign. (Trailer #3 was the least painful – the original trailer was mind-numbing).

And the fact that very little “critic” commentary exists, probably means it sucks. Yet 20 million people were intrigued by the trailer – it will likely be considered a box-office “success.” Oh well.

Hoboken Movie Trailer: Focus

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Annual Hudson River Ice Show

Hudson River Ice Show (now a regular occurrence)

If I remember correctly – the “Hudson River Ice Show” was not a regular annual happening. Heck, years seemed to transpire in-between extended periods of massive ice chunks like the ones we see every winter now.

Who can possibly still talk about “global warming” (or climate change, or whatever they call it in 2015)?

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Constant Contact (2015)

(Too Much) Constant Contact?

Just a brief editorial about the state of communication in today’s day and age. And I’d like to chime in about what I call (and is commonly known as) “constant contact.”

What did people do just 50 years ago? (That’d be 1965 for those that are wondering). What was the “mindset” for people going about their way back in those times?

People did things. With no “digital entertainment” options available 50 years ago, most people actually did tangible things. Whether they were reading (much diminished today) or physical work (fixing stuff, exploring the world, personally meeting up with others, etc.), time was spent in much different ways.

Less (remote) talking – more alone time (or face to face). Back in the day, people either talked face to face, or via LANDLINE telephone (or “pay phone” in cases urgent in nature). Things that happened were very much physical – and mental (via contemplation, study).

Memory and physical artifacts. When you talk to a person a generation or two beyond yours – you might sense a different way of recollecting life. Yep. The old-fashioned way: via memory and story-telling. That is nearly absent in today’s world. And instead of digital photos – physical photos, or even drawings or poems documented an important occasion worth remembering.

Constant Contact hurting humanity Hoboken NJ

Hey! Why is “too much contact” bad? Doesn’t it make life better?

This is a good question. Much like many new modern “conveniences,” those in favor will tout the “benefits” of our new found ways of disseminating information. But they will never discuss the detriments that come along with them. (Or at least think for more than one second about it).

On occasion, I’ll browse a stupid “feed” of tweets that have a common similarity. And I’ll notice things like:

  • Someone mentioning it’s “cold” in Hoboken. Really? Did you need to just say “Brrr?” Yeah so? It’s like me telling the world I just had diarrhea squirts. Not necessary. We know it’s cold.
  • A stupid sports “tweet” like – “He should have caught that…” (really? Does “the world” need to know that you’re dissatisfied that some over-paid “actor” didn’t catch a ball? Pathetic!)
  • Yet another “selfie.” One thing that should absolutely just “go away” on it’s own – are selfie photos. Truly believe they are THE most pathetic examples of human life on earth.

My point is – that all this “fluff” flying around is NOT beneficial to society. It doesn’t provide philosophical perspective. No critical thinking. No deep contemplation. 99% of what you see is meant for “instant” reaction. Anything worth “deep thought” is really not that at all. It usually has “social” connection – and in no way will be “thought about later.”

We’ve received many emails from readers who “get” what we’re talking about. But how many don’t get it? You reach who you reach, and that’s about it. Others will hopefully follow in due time. It’s up to them.

spinal injury cell phone heads down

Living at the W Hotel in Hoboken

W Hotel Residence in Hoboken – worth the money?

Living in one of the residences at the W Hotel in Hoboken is not only expensive (~$2 million+), but also quite hard to do, considering how infrequently one comes on the market.

Local Realtor Kristin Ehrgott of Avenue Residential recently featured a “rare” unit for sale at the W Hoboken.

What I found most compelling was, that despite the “high” maintenance cost ($1400 per month, but includes ridiculously insane amount of “amenities”), was the low annual property tax rate ($9,000 thanks to tax abatements).

While $2.2 million bucks for a 1,900 square foot 2 bed 3 bath is certainly over-priced – maybe the perfect NYC views somehow make up for it?

W Hoboken Hotel NJ

Owning a W Hoboken Residence

The comfort and romance of staying in a luxury hotel heightens any travel experience- but, unfortunately, all such adventures must eventually come to an end. But what if they didn’t have to? What if you could always enjoy the convenience and charm of staying in a luxury hotel, without having to worry about check-out times, or the noise of a rowdy bachelorette party down the hall?

Designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates and owned/developed by Ironstate Development, The W Hoboken Hotel at 225 River St in Hoboken, NJ has 26 floors in all. Floors 18-26 are home to the 40 private residences (for the most part, there are 4 residences per floor), while the rest of the building is designated as the famed W Hoboken Hotel, with 225 rooms and an incredible wealth of amenities.

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