True Mentors Charity Event

The Herreras play Kolo Klub for True Mentors in Hoboken, NJ

True Mentors is a “one to one” mentoring program here in Hoboken for kids seven to seventeen years old, and is sort of like a valuable “assist” to parents in town. Classes, programs, internships – all to allow kids to find added dimension to their lives and strengthen natural talents.

And they’re having a fundraiser this Saturday, November 1st over at the Kolo Klub, featuring The Herreras – a group of talented musicians whose passion for music has no limits or boundaries.

“The Herreras strive to provide exceptional entertainment by doing what they love to do best; playing with heart and soul. And on November 1st, they will be playing their hearts out for a great cause; TRUE Mentors. Join us for an evening of music and merriment.”

Kolo Klub is located at 1422 Grand Street – and the event starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are $25 at the door – or you can buy them for $20 in advance here. Light appetizers will be served along with drink specials at the cash bar. Have fun!

True Mentors Fundraiser The Herreras Kolo Klub Hoboken NJ

Mikie Squared Halloween Spooktacular

Contests, prizes, and more Halloween fun at Mikie Squared Hoboken

A fun option for Halloween partying this weekend is over at great local bar/restaurant Mikie Squared (616 Washington St.) on Friday, October 31st (8pm till closing.)

NEVER a cover, drink specials all night (for those in costume), plus prizes galore – including best costume, sexiest, scariest and group costumes. Various gift cards (Best Buy, Visa, etc.) will be handed out as well. Lots of shot specials and DJ spinning the grooves. Plus – they make a MEAN burger, too!

Put a little effort into your costume (or lack thereof) for the best chance to win!

Mikie Squared Halloween Spooktacular Hoboken New Jersey

How do cars flip over in Hoboken?

File under: Flip Over

Adding to the “cars that flip over for no reasonable reason in Hoboken” file is another mystery that occurred around 2:30am this morning.

Resident Evan caught this event near 10th & Willow.

See after the jump for possible explanations.

Flipped Cars Hoboken NJ 10th Willow

[Click to see other overturned cars in Hoboken... ]

Solar Trash Fraud?

Robotic Solar Trash Fraud in Hoboken?

Hoboken Big Belly Solar Trash FraudWhen the city of Hoboken unveiled dozens of those unsightly robotic trash bins all over the place – they were hailed as the next big step in municipal garbage maintenance. But what they appear to be is nothing more than solar trash fraud.

These extremely costly solar-powered bins were supposed to “save” property taxpayer money and city employee time – by COMPACTING the trash (less frequent pickups) and then “communicating” with the city when they were ready to be emptied (increased efficiency).

Well, as evidenced below – they do NOT compact anything. Not one item in either the recycling bins or the regular bins were crushed at all. We’ve never seen a crushed bag of refuse. Not once.

So either the city got ripped off (or a friendly contractor got a nice payday) for a product that does not do what was promised – or these things are just broken and should be fixed for free. If I were the city, I’d demand a full refund and put the “old-fashioned” garbage cans in like we always had.

Milking “Supercow Sandy” to death!

When will the Sandy-related reminders STOP in Hoboken once and for all?

Oh boy…

  • In a nutshell: The city is inviting “members of the community” for a “special flag-raising ceremony” (also called a Superstorm Sandy 2 year anniversary commemoration event”) over at City Hall on Wednesday, October 29th at 1pm.
  • Who: “mayor” don Zimmer, some weather spokesperson, civil service workers (cops, firemen), and “local artists.”
  • What else: A flag is being “donated” from a member of the military which was flown on a B1 Bomber in Afghanistan in 2012 “in recognition” of all the city endured during the “devastation” of the rain storm. The city will also show off a new “high water vehicle” and other toy trucks they bought with property-taxpayer money, one of which will be “repainted with designs by local children.”

milking sandy forever in Hoboken NJ

Doing the job you signed up for is not enough these days

This so-called event is an utter (udder) waste of time, money and energy. Let’s break down some reasons why.

[1] If you’re going to put the effort into making a “commemoration event,” then why do it in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday? Is that an insult to the majority of people who might have been affected by the temporary setback two years ago? (Yeah, who cares about them – as long as we get some kind of “positive media coverage”)

[2] So we’re getting a military flag from a squadron on a vague mission that we had no say in, in a country that hadn’t attacked us, and that relates to “Superstorm Sandy” how exactly? Oh, I get it. Sounds “patriotic.” Right! (Okay, I have a pair of red, white and blue boxer shorts I can donate in commemoration as well. We’ve been through a lot together, and that will be in recognition of all “the shit” (literally) Hoboken has gone through…)

[3] Pulling attendees out of thin air. I mean it seems like they’re scraping the barrel here in order to satisfy all the requirements to make it an “official” event. (“Let’s pick some random NOAA scientist to attend. That will give us credibility!”)

[4] And to top it all off – no event is ever complete “without the poor children!” (Seems like children are the least fortunate of the bunch these days. They’re either used as political footballs, or stage props for other attention-seeking publicity stunts like this. When will they get it?)

Perhaps this is why they wanted to hold it when the least amount of people can attend?

In the end… what do you do?

Sandy was a weather event. Sure it was on a more distant end of the “weather phenomenon bell-curve,” but milking the rare and unfortunate event is long beyond tiring.

People ought to keep in the back of their minds that there are risks we knowingly take daily (like driving our cars or crossing the street with headphones on), and other risks we either forget about (or choose to ignore), like living in a known flood zone, or in areas close to major bodies of water, (or active volcanoes for that matter).

Again, I feel bad for anyone that suffers when the wrath of Mother Nature shows up. But we do what people do, get back up and forge ahead. No one needs help remembering this type of stuff.

It’s just too bad that we can’t decide on our own when and how to remember it. What if some people don’t want to be constantly reminded?

Lo Fatt Chow

Lo Fatt Chow Chinese in Hoboken, NJ

There are many Chinese restaurants in Hoboken, NJ – just like pretty much any city in the country. But an interesting (what seems “behind the trend”) Chinese restaurant opened up recently at the Monroe Center in Hoboken: Lo Fatt Chow.

“Low Fat” was a big trend for the past three or four decades. We’ve LONG SINCE debunked that theory. It’s wrong. Look at all the super-fat fucks walking around the malls of America eating “low fat yogurt” and you have an OBVIOUS answer. It plainly DOES NOT WORK. Period, the end – it’s a proven fact.

But somehow – this Chinese place seems to think they can glom on the trend??

Frankly – I still think this horrible “low” (or “Lo”) fat (or “Fatt”) trend still has staying power. Because the word “fat” still makes people think of their less-desirable parts, and believe it’s the “fat” they’re eating is what’s causing their body anomalies. NO. Read the latest Wheat Belly – and consider yourself “empowered.” Otherwise – just bitch and moan and be a fat fuck. But “feel good” for ordering “Lo Fatt!”

But we heard the place is presently doing things “right,” and have built a bit of a customer base. We’ll see how long that lasts. Hopefully a long time (for them…)

Lo Fatt Chow Hoboken NJ bullshit

Description: Chinese Restaurant / Kitchen
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ 07020
Phone: (201)798-50500
Online: lofattchow-hoboken-nj.com/