Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

With the big eating holiday Thanksgiving tomorrow, most of you will be presented with a swath of food to consume.

While the benefits of a meal cooked with love “brings people together,” it does not necessarily mean you HAVE to eat everything in sight. And it certainly does not mean you need to suffer because of it.

Below is an interesting investigative report from “down under,” as Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Dr. Maryanne Demasi interviews many proponents of the low-carb lifestyle, and isn’t just pushing an agenda for big pharma.

One astonishing aspect of this production, is that a Doctor / Professor (Tim Noakes) actually admitted that some of his original studies (carb-loading for athletes) was wrong, and apologized for his errors. What a good example to set. And a good reminder that what was once considered “gospel,” can very well change down the line.

So when you’re staring at that “palette pleasing” bread stuffing tomorrow – perhaps thinking about your blood sugar levels and overall health is a better “course” to take!

Old School Neighborhood Pride

Rare: Old School Neighborhood Pride in Hoboken

Spotting something rare this fall. A true example of neighborhood pride. It’s obvious because the man was of an older generation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were “Born and Raised” here in Hoboken. This was a relative newcomer to Hoboken – the kind folks over at R. William Maggs Designs on 6th Street.

Sweeping the leaves off the sidewalk, ensuring that their business was clean and welcoming.

This is rare these days because we now live in a society where everyone expects someone else to take care of things. Like not even an ounce of thought goes into mundane tasks like this anymore.

Then again, it could also be because we’re also an overly litigious group. Perhaps someone might sue you if you sweep leaves on their car. Who knows.

Nevertheless it’s refreshing that individual neighborhood pride still exists without the arm-twisting of charity or other socialistic means.

old school neighborhood pride hoboken nj

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Cork Salts

Gourmet Salts now available at Cork Wine in Hoboken

cork salts Hoboken NJCool to see Cork Wines uptown diversify their product offerings. Recently added to their repertoire is “Cork Salts.”

They feature The Meadow brand of artisan salts, who started out in Portland, Oregon back in 2006, and expanded over to Hudson Street in NYC four years ago.

Cork features a variety of gourmet salts from The Meadow, which are infused with flavor (such as black truffle) and have a variety of uses (on meats, veggies, even on sweets like cookies and chocolate!)

Whether for yourself – or as a great holiday gift – having a nice selection of specialty salts in Hoboken is a nice option to have while out shopping this season. And remember – you should only consume genuine SEA salt, not that ordinary “table salt!”

Cork Wines is located at 1450 Washington Street. (201)942-9964.

W. Kodak Uptown

W. Kodak Jewelers expands to uptown Hoboken

Was in the works for a few months – but now it’s official! This is good news for uptown Hoboken residents for many reasons. For one, W. Kodak Jewelers is truly an upscale establishment. No BS, no garbage marketing. Just classic high-end jewelry! Breitling, Tacori, Tag Heuer, Movado – All upscale brands you know about for sure!

So now W. Kodak is coming to Maxwell Place, further making this area a truly “high end” place to live. We saw the floor plans – and it’s going to be nice. Definitely will be the biggest and brightest jewelry store in Hoboken. Plenty of time for them to be ready for the 2015 holiday season and the Black Friday madness that happens each year.

The Kodak brothers said “As we enter our 45th year in business, we are excited to announce our new 2500 square foot flagship store at Maxwell place. We will also be keeping our downtown boutique. Being long time residents, we are very proud to grow along with this great city. We owe our success to our loyal Hoboken customers!”

Good luck, W. Kodak Jewelers!

W Kodak Jewelers Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place summer 2015

Description: Luxury Jeweler
Address: Maxwell Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)710-5489
Email: ckodak@wkodakjewelers.com
Online: wkodakjewelers.com

Incredible Real Estate

“Gold Coast Real Estate” (build it and they will pay)

Real Estate in this area is amazing.

Some of the highest property taxes and near top-level rents – and people still find a way to afford it!

Even in less-than-perfect locations, too. Take the Cast Iron Lofts on Jersey Ave. just beyond the Hoboken border near the Holland Tunnel access roads. It’s really not “walking distance” to anything at the moment (especially at night). But the building must be nice as hell – because it looks more occupied than places like Maxwell Place in the poshest area of town.

Who knows, maybe the area isn’t that bad, because I see people going in and out of the building all the time – with another tower is being built as we speak. Plus they have their own private shuttle bus that takes you to the PATH station.

Would you live that far outside Hoboken?

Real Estate Cast Iron Lofts Hoboken NJ Jersey City

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Facebook is robbing you (really)


Did you know that Facebook has essentially “employed” you as a FREE blogger?

Facebook is robbing youYes, that’s right.

By creating this so-called “social network,” branded in such a way as to allow you to “reconnect” with long-lost friends, co-workers, lovers, or whatever garbage that was left behind (for a reason), you have now been unknowingly coerced into “feeding” your timeline (i.e., blog posts) 100% for free.

You know who gains, profits, benefits, “wins?” FACEBOOK, their principles, shareholders, employees, etc.

I’ll ask you to think about this once more.

What “Facebook” has accomplished (incredibly), by creating an “easy to use interface” and “immediate” and “constant” distractions, updates, changes, “news,” or whatever else you want to call that “stream” of information, is a multi-billion person force of FREE workers.

Those FREE workers (you and everyone else) have been creating an invaluable “data stream” of information. Trends. Likes. Dislikes. Opinions. Datasets. Marketable information. For FREE. For YEARS.

feeding the facebook beast

But what has FACEBOOK become other than a “blog network?”

Think about this. Here is Hoboken411. It has been a blog online for about 8 ½ years. Before “Facebook” blew up. And we’re still here. We make a living off this website. We support local businesses with whatever revenue comes in. We’re part of the community.

All of you can also abandon Facebook and start your own personal websites OUTSIDE of the Facebook “walled garden.”

Why don’t you do that? Is it “too technical?” Does it require actual learning, research, practice? Yeah, so?

Did you know that even if you just had a teeny website that was visited each month by your “small circle” of friends – that you could easily earn 100’s of extra dollars per month? Do you get that from Facebook? No. Would you be OK with that extra money? YES.

They rely on you – your complacency, laziness, lack of drive

See – by creating this “dumbed down” version of “information exchange,” they’ve essentially taken the DRIVE out of you. It is SO EASY to create a Facebook page, thread, timeline, whatever the hell you want to call that distraction – that you have ZERO desire to even TRY to disengage from it.

You are making a select few ultra-rich

I’ll ask you once again… Do you see the big picture? Facebook has essentially killed most independent sources of opinion, news, and events. They’ve created a “walled garden” where all useful idiots find it easy to co-mingle. I apologize for the phrase “useful idiots,” but I mean it. They’re useful to FACEBOOK, and idiots for not going against the grain in their own lives.

Not everyone… sorry… not everyone

My apologies for trying to lump everyone into the same bucket. There are people who only sporadically use this so-called “social network” for minor tasks or what-have-you. And that’s fine… better off that you didn’t… And then there are those (millions) who don’t even have an account. God Bless You!

FOMO – Fear of missing out

This has become a “buzz-cronym” as of late. “FOMO.” Fear of missing out. Which has been said is the main reason why people are “heads down” and cannot “look away” from their cell phones anymore. For the FEAR OF MISSING OUT. On whatever that may be. Status updates. Ex-boyfriends. Envious photos. Latest “funny video” from some semi-acquaintance on your timeline. It’s become this addictive “fix” that you NEED. But do you really WANT any of that? Do you ever realize how much time you spent accomplishing nothing?

FOMO Facebook

Don’t you want more control of your information?

I was thinking about something similar the other day. RSS feeds. I love RSS feeds. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication – and is a way to read “headlines” from other sites, blogs in one place).

RSS feeds are the “enemy” of giant conglomerates like Google and Facebook. Which is why Google inexplicably discontinued the support of their wildly popular Google Reader application.

Millions of propeller-heads were angered to no-end because of that asshole move by Google. They did it purely for greedy reasons. Thankfully there are places like inoreader.com that are providing that service.

What having an RSS aggregator is like – is essentially the SAME as having a Facebook feed, timeline, etc. Except it’s via websites, and not “individuals,” (unless they have websites or blogs like we do.) Additionally, you control what you see. Not Facebook deciding what mood they want to put you in today.

Why Google discontinued it was obvious. They wanted to move towards their “Google Plus,” as well as other reasons.

Information, connecting, control

OK – I’ll wrap this “rant” up shortly. We all crave information to some degree. The technological revolution has enabled this since the inception of the printing press. But exchanging information (even for an individual profit), has essentially been “stolen” by a select few “big boys” in the internet (and news) world.

Armed with useful information – wouldn’t you say “what a fucking minute! You mean I can BLOG and MONETIZE my own site and at least earn SOME money for the effort I put into “sharing” stuff with other people (most of whom I don’t make eye contact with on a monthly basis?)”

In the end – who is most important in your life?

See – this post has a little bit of a “twist.” In the end, I’d say 95% of you could never maintain a daily or weekly “blog” in order to earn a few bucks. It does require some technical skill and patience. So it is much easier to “slip over to the dark side (Facebook).” And for those of you that DO choose to TRY and monetize your much sought-after opinions? You’ll probably lose patience and determine that the headaches labor aren’t worth the pittance you receive in return.

So where does that leave you?

Back on Facebook making other faceless suit-wearing oligarchs richer and richer?

Or do you delete Facebook completely, and re-discover the JOY in things like:

  • Face-to-face communication (translation: speaking, chatting, talking… look it up if you need to)
  • Writing a letter – in ink to a person you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time
  • Calling someone – catching up
  • Meeting for a drink or a stroll in the park (while your phone is at home or shut off?)
  • “Wow – I have all this extra FREE TIME!”
  • Attempting to live life away from CONSTANT CONTACT (camping, meditating, observing, writing, reading, dreaming?)
  • Finding manual, non-computer-oriented skills and hobbies? (like painting, cooking, pottery, gardening, home repairs?)

This whole “rant” wasn’t crafted to try and change anyone. Do what you want.

All I’d LOVE people to do is: THINK about what has happened, where it is going, who benefits (CUI BONO?) and how YOU fit into this entire picture. The more you think about it – the more you realize that YOU are nothing but a unit of MONETARY MEASURE for some other company.

Free yourself today!


Note: Here’s a somewhat interesting “infographic / video” a marketing company did about social networking. What I found most notable is how they portrayed “Millennials.” Seems like all this new technology has created an entire generation of new problems.