EatMetal, Inc.

EatMetal, Inc by Elizabeth Ann Tokoly (Monroe Center)

EatMetal is a very catchy (even weird) sounding name for local Metal Smith Elizabeth Ann Tokoly, who runs her operation out of the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street Suite 511). But as you can see, it has nothing to do with consuming metal – it’s just her initials!

eatmetal jewelry elizabeth ann tokoly hoboken NJ monroe center

What is EatMetal exactly?

I became interested in this business after mentioning the Metal Masters show last week, and realizing we hadn’t checked out what this was all about. EatMetal is TWO things:

  1. It’s a very unique place to get quality hand-made metal jewelry. One of a kind creations for that special person in your life (including yourself!) Jewelry for any budget too.
  2. Classes. A place to learn about jewelry-making (classes up to 8 weeks long), or single workshops and event “group learning parties” where you and your friends can host a private event for a few hours over some cocktails while making your own jewelry you can keep and take home!

Elizabeth characterizes her work as “echoing the gracefulness of organic characteristics of nature.” And adds that her pieces have “a minimal aesthetic” while exhibiting “simple lines, primary forms, shapes or structures.”

“The work uses systems, arrangement and distribution of components consisting of more that one part, element or bit,” Elizabeth says, “It is an evolution of a form into an object or piece of wearable art.”

The one-day workshops are three-hours long, and cost only $85 (which includes costs of materials and tools). Remember you can take what you make home and show your friends.

Some upcoming workshops are seen below.

EatMetal workshops in Hoboken NJ learn jewelry making at Monroe Center

Description: Metal Smith Elizabeth Ann Tokoly (EatMetal, Inc.) Jewelry for sale, plus instructional workshops and classes.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Suite 511, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201)926-9620
Email: eatmetal@mac.com
Online: eatmetal.orgTwitterFacebook

Luminaria Gala for Relay For Life

Luminaria Gala for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life

One of the top spots in Hoboken for events is the Kolo Klub uptown, and one week from tonight is a “Gala” for Relay for Life (American Cancer Society.) Ticket price includes open bar and gourmet appetizers.

Relay for Life Kolo Klub Hoboken NJ November 6 2014

The 1st Annual Luminaria Gala for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life in Hoboken will be held on Thursday, November 6th from 7pm to 10pm at Kolo Klub (1422 Grand Street) in Hoboken. It will be a fun filled night out supporting an amazing cause. The evening will feature a silent auction-benefiting Relay for Life with amazing auction items including the following and many more great items:

  • A football signed by Stephen Baker of the NY Giants
  • 2 tickets to the Broadway performance of Wicked
  • Props from the HBO original series “Boardwalk Empire”
  • 2 tickets to a taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio
  • A cookbook signed by Chef Curtis Stone

Relay For Life is a group designed to create awareness and raise money through donations to aide the American Cancer Society in its mission to find a cure, assist those who have been touched by cancer, and empower individuals to fight back. We celebrate life, friendship and a chance to work together toward a cancer-free future. By joining together as volunteers and donors, our efforts help the American Cancer Society strive toward a future where cancer doesn’t take the lives of our friends and family.

The ticket for the event includes delicious passed and stationed appetizers provided by Hoboken Gourmet Company with deserts donated by local bakeries including Carlo’s and Craft beer and an extensive wine selection from the Kolo Klub. The lead singer of the Screaming Nudes & Gypsy Trap Marlaina DiPasquale Melker will be preforming as an acoustic duo throughout the evening.

Tickets are $90.00 for a single general admission ticket and 2 tickets for $160.00 and both include a donation to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life in Hoboken.

Guaranteed Parking?

How to get an (almost) guaranteed parking spot in Hoboken

You ever take a weekend trip out of town, and spent almost as much time driving around Hoboken looking for parking as you did getting home? That sucks, especially if you’re tired. But what if there was a way to get (almost) guaranteed parking?

Has anyone ever tried “reserving” their own spot using the “Temporary Police Regulation” moving signs?

Head down to city hall. Say you’re expecting a complex delivery or something. I think the signs cost $20 (for two – for four hours. I think they doubled the price in the last year or so, fuckers). You just order them a week or so in advance, and try to “guesstimate” your arrival time back to Hoboken. (If you can’t hone in on a four-hour window – just buy eight.)

Note that while the city says the signs can only be sold for commercial vehicles, and not personal vehicles – how in the world would they be able to enforce that?

All you need to do when you arrive back home to your nice empty parking space (provided some asshole didn’t park there anyway) is park your car – and rip the signs down.

How would they know? Plus, the city would be stupid to stop a scheme like this if it became popular, because in the end, it’s still people giving the city cash money for a stupid paper sign.

(Try this at your own risk – Hoboken411 not responsible for your actions).

guaranteed parking spots in Hoboken NJ

City drags feet on public health issues

Letter: Hoboken drags feet on public health concerns despite injuries

All the “hot air” and good news that comes out of this administration, but it seems as if quality of life is on decline nonetheless. Hoboken resident Melissa Blanco has been holding the administration to the fire, with barely a tepid response. See what’s going on now (hint: it’s a stinky situation…)

public health garbage issues Hoboken NJ

Warning: Injuries and damages due to poor public health!

You might be interested to know, that while our local public health officials and the non-Zimmer Council minority do recognize the risks and liabilities of our lack of public health compliance, they describe to me that “their hands are tied” without a majority of Council member and Zimmer support.

I have not only put the Council on notice about the increasing risks and the populations of various disease causing animals, but I have also recommended the solution. My first letter was written nine months ago. I have steadily followed up with council appearances and additional letters. As you know, in April, the County stepped in to clear our streets of months of filth – but this was only an interim solution.

Last night, my dog was injured and sprayed by one of the many skunks feasting on the garbage in the streets of Hoboken. I am still dealing with the de-skunking and am concerned for the injuries my dog sustained even though she is up to date on all vaccines.

skunk public health problems hoboken NJ This week, I called each council member. Mr. Bhalla said he would “do his best.” When pressed, he said he would talk to his other Council members. I replied that he needed to do much better, that this was gross negligence since the Council had been put on Notice and there were now injuries. I think we all know, that had this been one of his constituents that voted for Zimmer, that the City would be out with bull horns in the street, quickly cautioning residents and letting property owners know that their garbage must be in cans with tightly closed lids.

When I discussed the matter with our public health official, Fran Sasso, he said his hands were tied if the Council would do nothing. The City’s only response to date has been to cut the garbage collection, appoint additional Zimmer-aligned individuals to boards and suggest that we vote for more of their cohorts.

The City is required by law to provide for adequate public health. Towns with vermin problems, generally, have ordinances requiring garbage cans with sealed lids and furthermore fine those who do not comply. Hoboken, I am told by, tells owners to remove lids and also allows plastic bags openly on curbs. Sanitation is a fairly simple matter to correct, yet our Council instead choses to spend its time on electrical trash cans and bonding for meters to raise revenue in the same residential areas that they do not provide essential services for.

Now with a formal report of actual damages and injuries, we have both the health risk and the additional legal liability for the City ignoring its duties regarding public health.

Melissa Blanco

True Mentors Charity Event

The Herreras play Kolo Klub for True Mentors in Hoboken, NJ

True Mentors is a “one to one” mentoring program here in Hoboken for kids seven to seventeen years old, and is sort of like a valuable “assist” to parents in town. Classes, programs, internships – all to allow kids to find added dimension to their lives and strengthen natural talents.

And they’re having a fundraiser this Saturday, November 1st over at the Kolo Klub, featuring The Herreras – a group of talented musicians whose passion for music has no limits or boundaries.

“The Herreras strive to provide exceptional entertainment by doing what they love to do best; playing with heart and soul. And on November 1st, they will be playing their hearts out for a great cause; TRUE Mentors. Join us for an evening of music and merriment.”

Kolo Klub is located at 1422 Grand Street – and the event starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are $25 at the door – or you can buy them for $20 in advance here. Light appetizers will be served along with drink specials at the cash bar. Have fun!

True Mentors Fundraiser The Herreras Kolo Klub Hoboken NJ

Mikie Squared Halloween Spooktacular

Contests, prizes, and more Halloween fun at Mikie Squared Hoboken

A fun option for Halloween partying this weekend is over at great local bar/restaurant Mikie Squared (616 Washington St.) on Friday, October 31st (8pm till closing.)

NEVER a cover, drink specials all night (for those in costume), plus prizes galore – including best costume, sexiest, scariest and group costumes. Various gift cards (Best Buy, Visa, etc.) will be handed out as well. Lots of shot specials and DJ spinning the grooves. Plus – they make a MEAN burger, too!

Put a little effort into your costume (or lack thereof) for the best chance to win!

Mikie Squared Halloween Spooktacular Hoboken New Jersey