Grasping for Strollers

Retail rainbow? Or “grasping for strollers” in Hoboken?

We all know that Hoboken, NJ has now essentially become a “stroller town.” Just head out to the main drag on the next super-nice weekend day. Guarantee you can’t walk a block without seeing at least 100 of them. But are they keeping local shops in business, or are retailers now “grasping for strollers?”

Take a look at this sign over at Sweet Nicholas on Washington Street. While they have many customers in town that enjoy their style, collection and prices – this sign kind of reeks of desperation, no?

“Come on in! We’ll help with Stroller and ALL!”

Hmm, for one thing – aren’t they kind of insulting the Zumba-yoga-crossfit mom by suggesting that she can’t do it herself? Two, what if I just bought 500lbs of potatoes at Shoprite? Will they help with “all that” too?

Nothing against Sweet Nicholas here, but maybe the sign should read “Please support us! We need your help after signing up for this subterranean retail disaster!” Honesty might work a bit better, no?

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Hoboken NJ

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300 Washington – When?

When will 300 Washington be built in Hoboken?

Over two years ago, a raging fire essentially destroyed the historical building located at 300 Washington Street. It’s been an empty lot since they demolished it.

However, the Architects over at Minervini Vandermark have had the design of the replacement structure (which has apparently been “approved” by City Hall) sitting on the shelf for a while.

When will they start building it to restore the look of this neighborhood? Is the fact that nothing has happened yet a sign of upcoming economic stress for our area?

Below is a superimposed image of what the spot would look like once built. What do you think of this design? Or should they have tried replicating the building that perished?

Minervini Vandermark Architecture 300 Washington Street Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ

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Maxwell’s Tavern {Pizza}

Maxwell’s Tavern hiring in Hoboken, NJ

You need a job in Hoboken? Well, did you know that Maxwell’s Tavern over at 11th & Washington is hiring?

They’re looking to fill positions (some easy, some not too glamorous), such as Cooks, dishwashers, servers, busboys, bartenders and hostesses.

Simply email employment@maxwellshoboken.com for consideration.

maxwells hiring Hoboken NJ

New Menu at Maxwell’s Tavern {sneak peek}

And those of you who are wondering what the “new” Maxwell’s Tavern will be serving? Well – it’s not much different than other “pub food” places… here’s just a sneak peek of what they’ll be serving up. Appetizers, salads, pizza, etc. Additional items not shown here include (you guessed it) sandwiches, burgers, and other entrees like Chicken, veal, shrimp, etc. Fairly standard fare that’s for sure.

Most prices are still TBD…

Maxwells Hoboken new menu sneak peek

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Hoboken NJ

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Pulaski Skyway Detour

Can we take a “Pulaski Skyway Detour” of “coverage?”

Below is another timely message from Louise & Jerry’s on Washington Street – this time indicating that their dive bar is indeed a “Pulaski Skyway Detour.”

But that got me thinking. Did any of you see the overwhelming and skull-crushing “coverage” of the Pulaski Skyway closure? It bordered on absolute insanity.

Some fledgling “news” outlets wrote dozens, if not hundreds of pieces on what amounted to a simple (temporary) closure of a road. They even “live blogged” about it. Who in their right mind sat on the edge of their seats waiting for the next exciting and compelling “update” about a friggin road? No one, I bet.

What it has essentially boiled down to is that the “news” is nothing but entertainment and something to do with the time you waste at work or at home. These people aren’t “reporting” anything for good reason other than they feel like it’s a “trending topic” that will get them pageviews. That said, that’s what all websites want – but not under the guise of an “official news outlet.” That is why “news” really isn’t “news” the way it used to be. At least here we exercise our constitutional right to write whatever we want. Sort of in the “all of the above” category. Depends on how we feel that day.

The Pulaski Skyway closure – with the exception of editorial or humorous pieces like the photo below – should have been written about once, maybe twice. People don’t need to have “minute by minute” updates about something so mundane.

Pulaski skyway detour hoboken NJ louise jerrys

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Hoboken NJ

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Cat-astrophe in Hoboken?

Cat milling around Hoboken – missing or not?

Hoboken411 reader Jackie was wondering about this cat she’s been seeing in her neighborhood for a while.

“I have been seeing this cat in the pictures attached for a few weeks now on 2nd between Park and Willow. By the fur, I can tell that he/she has been on the street for the past few weeks, but is much much too friendly to be an original stray. The cat won’t go farther than the block, but meows and rolls over for you to pet it, acting how a house cat is. I’m not sure if someone purposely left it there or what but would like either way to help it find a home or its owner so I took some pictures this weekend.”

Back in the day when I was growing up – plenty of neighbors had “indoor/outdoor cats.” They’d go out when they wanted – and came back whenever they pleased (sometimes with a “gift” like a dead bird.)

Are indoor/outdoor cats possible in a pedestrian pinball city like Hoboken? Or is this fella just a missing cat, or purposely abandoned?

Regardless – if you’re interested in adopting a cat – check out Companion Animal Placement, which is a great resource.

cat wandering streets of Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ

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More parking meter rackets

Parking meter racket continues in Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Leigh overheard the most ridiculous situation over at the Hoboken Parking Utility (or HPU – which also stands for “Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld”).

“I was waiting in line at the Parking Authority this morning and I heard a woman discussing her parking ticket with one of the parking supervisors. She said she had a doctor’s appointment at 9am. She tried putting money into the parking meter machine prior to 9am but was not allowed to since parking is free from 9pm-9am. If someone had a meeting from 8am-10am, they are almost guaranteed a ticket unless they are able to come outside and pay the machine at 9. The supervisor said there was nothing he could do about the ticket or the machines. These machines have been in use for over a year. How is this even still an issue?”

So in other words – even if you WANT to pay ahead of time you cannot. Boy, I could hire a $2/hour programmer from overseas to fix this “glitch” in about 15 minutes. That’s just 50 cents. Let’s see how much the city “budgets” for to fix this asinine problem. My guess it’s six figures.

Parking Meter Racket in Hoboken NJ hours

Hoboken NJ

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