NYSC Price Discrepancy

Why do NYSC gyms have price differences?

Costly Hoboken Gym memberships at NYSC New York Sports ClubWas coming back from Willowbrook Mall the other day – and I noticed a billboard for NYSC (New York Sports Clubs) in West Caldwell advertising unlimited gym memberships for just $19.95 per month (month to month with no commitment!)

Hoboken has two NYSC locations (one downtown and one uptown), and they charge so much more!

The cost here for a “core membership” (one location only) is a whopping $70 per month! And that doesn’t include a $50 fee for the “privilege” of committing for a year, or a ridiculous $130 fee if you want the “luxury” to pay month-to-month.

To shell out nearly $1,000 per year to move a weighted contraption back and forth seems a bit excessive (not to mention washing all those smelly yoga pants). For almost 90% less money, you can join Planet Fitness instead, and not have nearly the same amount of guilt catching up on your DVR instead of strengthening your bones. Heck, that saved money could be put towards Christmas shopping or a nice vacation. But hey, it’s your dough.

Hoboken NYSC New York Sports Club expensive

Kickstarter for everything

Everyone wants a handout via Kickstarter these days

Been thinking about this lately. As most of you know, Kickstarter is a “crowdsourcing” way for people to raise money for (insert idea, cause, project, thing here).

Most of the time, the person or people who create their project have different levels of funding, and each one comes with an “award” relative to the donation amount. Ideally, by backing a project before its inception, you essentially get what you pay for (for instance we supported the Poplar Wood Farms Pole Barn, and received a year worth of eggs – or the Buggy Balance project and will receive the product they’re producing).

That part we like about Kickstarter. You get to see “visions” that you’d likely never hear about otherwise, so it gives new ideas a chance to garner support outside the traditional methods (i.e., your own money, silent investors, bank loans or other old school ways of funding).

But what Kickstarter has apparently also become – is a way for just about anyone to hold their hands out and ask for money – without offering a compelling reason why anyone should!

Kickstarter Snarky Wine Importer

Give Me Money to start my business – “just because?”

Take for instance this local person who wants to start a business – Snarky and Spirited Blog and Wine Importer.

She’s asking for almost $20,000 to promote her blog and purchase wine. She has “many wine diplomas” as well as an MBA. Sounds good so far, right?

However, the “Reward” to support her wine blog and importing business is a free plastic bottle of water for every $100 donated.

Hmmm… I don’t think you need multiple degrees and glitzy labels to see that this is just plain stupid. Perhaps a little more effort and originality would have been better? Or how about some of that wine you claim to be such an expert on?

Anyway – there’s a few days left for her project – maybe some angel investors can help her reach her goal?

Best Flat Screen TV NOW!

What’s the best flat screen TV now? LG 55LB5900!

We often get asked for advice regarding various products in the market. Cars, food, appliances, gadgets, etc.

One of the “big” questions we typically get is “WHAT FLAT TELEVISION SHOULD WE BUY?”

And up until recently – our answer was typically “screw it – just buy what you can afford… they’re all about the same…” But that answer has now changed dramatically.

Want the best “no frills” Flat Screen TV? Get the LG 55LB5900 (55″) – - or the LG 50LB5900 (50″) – - or the LG 47LB5900 (47″) – - depending on your space requirements. They also have a 60″ Model if you’re lucky enough to have the space.


Why are these cheap LG TV’s the best?

One simple sentence: They have great displays – and NO stupid “smart TV” garbage. That sums it up (other than they’re super affordable).

These TV’s are beyond the BEST value today. I mean exemplary screens, simple remote controls, basic inputs and outputs – and the most impressive trait beyond the display quality? None of that “bloat” software that comes installed on your TV. No long boot times or sluggish menus. Did you buy a computer or a fucking television set? They also have a very thin bezel, making the “footprint” about as small as you can get before you have to spend four or five times as much for a bleeding edge model.

These LED TV’s from LG are amazing, a good value – and should last a least a few years until the “4K” crowd conditions you to upgrade once again.


Honeygrow coming to 120 Washington St. in 2015

Coming spring 2015 to 120 Washington St. (and taking up both ground-floor retail spots formerly Piccolo Roma & Hoboken Hot House) is Honeygrow. Here’s what Honeygrow has to say about themselves:

“Born in Philadelphia in 2012, honeygrow aims to bring people together over quality, wholesome, and simple foods. To us, the easy road is boring: you won’t find a freezer in use here. Nor will you question the origins of your stir-fry, salad, smoothie, and honeybar treat. It’s about eating honestly and spending time doing what matters: from visiting the farms where our ingredients are grown and harvested to whipping up sauces and dressings in-house; we’re just passionate people that connect over food authenticity and creativity.”

Honeygrow Hoboken NJ 120 Washington Street

Honeygrow all sounds so good, is there a catch?

When the Hoboken Honeygrow location opens, it’ll be their fifth location in just about two years. And they look like they have all the right “buzzwords” in their widespread marketing message. Almost too many in fact! It seems to be more about “euphoric feelings,” rather than just good food. But then again, the father of propaganda (Eddie Bernays) figured that out a long time ago. You don’t sell a product, you sell an emotional trigger.

But the prices seem quite fair for “farm to fork” food. And who can argue with this business if the product truly is of exceptional quality? Why do we even dare to ponder these thoughts?

Well, for one – honeygrow is most certainly expanding at break-neck speed. And regardless of the “wholesome” nature of the business model, they still employ low-wage hourly workers following recipes created by someone else. No real “head chef” or owner connected to each and every meal that they dish out with blistering efficiency. I guess we feel, despite the apparent “freshness” of the products that the “chain” model and assembly line ordering process kind of waters down that “earthy” concept just a wee bit.

In the end, it truly is better than McDonald’s, and perhaps this is how “fast food” should be going forward? Commoditized or not, it beats eating processed garbage any day of the week.

Good luck, Honeygrow! Hope you can stay for a while on the main drag!

Description: Chain fast food that’s healthy and locally grown
Address: 120 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: honeygrow.comTwitterFacebook

Moronic Parking Headlines

Wow – “mayor” zimmer declares a parking problem in Hoboken?

Zimmer Parking HobokenYou’d figure that after over SEVEN YEARS of “public service” in Hoboken (over 2600 days), “mayor” Don Zimmer would at least have a spark in the synaptic network between her ears. But we might have to call the medics, because recently she pushed out a “press release” that indicated that Hoboken has a parking problem.

Is that your crowning achievement after such a (overly) prolonged time as “mayor” of this city?

I mean a mentally under-developed chimpanzee could have figured that out. In fact – it was COMMON KNOWLEDGE that Hoboken has ALWAYS had fewer on-street parking spaces than residents who had cars (but no dedicated parking spots).

So God knows (probably 100′s of thousands of property taxpayer dollars) went into a fucking “study” that said what EVERYONE EXCEPT DON ZIMMER already knew like it was on the back of their hand! Which “friend of the family” got the contract to conduct such an asinine “more obvious than the sun and moon” study?

Time to switch things around here in Hoboken, no?

Where do you park in Hoboken NJ

Michelle Doll Gallery

Michelle Doll Gallery opens in Hoboken NJ September 19, 2014

We’ve always loved the work of local Hoboken artist Michelle Doll. We feel her portrayals transmit a “organic” aspect often missing from works that depict human bodies. The fact that someone has that kind of talent should never be overlooked. Sort of like Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting.

And speaking of “art” – we forgot to mention previously, that local floral arranger and interior decorator R. William Maggs also hosts a new artist every month! And starting this Friday, September 19th – you can check out an exhibition of Michelle Doll’s “Early Work” at the gallery (155 Sixth Street)!

The opening gala is this Friday, but will be on display until the end of October. Please check it out during your travels around town!

Hoboken Artist Michelle Doll R William Maggs Designs NJ