Hoboken Week in Review: 11/23/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – November 23, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review November 23 2014

Here’s a few noteworthy posts from Hoboken411.com for the week ending Sunday, November 23, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Reval-plicatedDon’t you think it’s SUPER COMPLICATED by design?
  • AC Party Time!Public officials head down to Atlantic City. You paid the tab.
  • Slow DownYou think signs with empty threats are effective?
  • Hospital HazardsDrive around HUMC at your own risk! (Unless you know a good lawyer).
  • Sky HighThe transformation to “Hoboken Wind Tunnel” is about to be complete uptown.
  • HPU HypocrisyThey wish the HPU ATM was 24/7.
  • BLACK FRIDAYPlease make it go away. But we’d have to collectively band together.

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

  • MathnasiumCostly “learning centers” are now required because SCHOOLS suck. Period!
  • Pearson EducationBuilding downtown almost done. Citizens “thrilled” to have a real sidewalk again.
  • Thanksgiving HeroRock the holiday crowd with your top of the line chocolate arrangement!
  • Hot House PizzaA look at how a tasty pizza pie is made.
  • Turkey CateringMaking a stressful holiday a bit easier is sometimes a good idea.
  • No Starch!Another outsourced basic service entity sprouts up midtown.
  • MakeoversGrand Opening still going on! Save 20% on everything (today is the final day).
  • Bow Tie CinemasMaybe you should wait to see Hunger Games on DVD. It’ll make the year-long wait for the second part that much easier.

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

Before social networking platforms people needed to know you to know your name today people only need to know your name to know you mokokoma

Hoboken Photo Leftovers for November 22nd

Hoboken photo remains of the week: November 22, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers November 22 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Looks like they had some structural issues over at Debaun Auditorium on the Stevens Campus.
  • Photo 2: Hoboken’s third place for “blo jobs” opens – Blo-It-Out on Washington between 12th & 13th.
  • Photo 3: 1415 Park Place also quickly reaching it’s final “identity.”
  • Photo 4: Amazing. CVS uptown only had ONE modest “flu shot” sign. They must be suffering since they stopped selling smokes.
  • Photo 5: The obligatory “road closed” entry of the week (4th & Grand).

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Thanksgiving Hero

Be a Thanksgiving Hero this year!

We already gave you an option to “take a load” off this Thanksgiving by getting your otherwise time-consuming task of cooking a giant meal catered by places like Anthony David’s.

But what if you’re one of the guests of honors instead? You cannot show up empty-handed!

The best option for you would be to pick up one of the many decorative holiday candy arrangements over at Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe over at 2nd & Jefferson Streets. “Horns of Plenty” and other festive baskets can be had for a very fair price, and with a much better taste than other options.

They also have other winter-themed items like white-chocolate snowmen, and even chocolate cookie jars filled with buttery cookies! No matter what you pick – you will be a Thanksgiving hero to everyone, not just the kids!

If you want to guarantee your choices – you can always call and place a dedicated order over the phone too: (201)795-1800.

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Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather

Top 5 Benefits of cold winter weather (look on the bright side!)

A month before winter officially begins, we’ve already been treated with that stupid polar vortex, temps in the 20′s, and wind chills in the single digits. WTF?

However, in an attempt to “keep calm” and be “more positive,” I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Benefits of Cold Winter Weather in Hoboken.

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather 2015

Improved Quality of Life

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 5For one thing, the cold weather normally means you need to keep your windows shut. This reduces the ambient “city noise” one might encounter in their paper-thin-walled apartment. But you do the same on summer days, so what’s the difference?

The difference is when it is ice cold out, those who live near crowded bars will have even less noise than normal, as boisterous inebriated smokers will spend a significantly less time yammering about meaningless topics at the top of their lungs.


Improved (perceived) body image

Top 5 benefits of cold winter weather number 4This is a big deal for many ladies out there struggling to attain that perfect waif-like body image portrayed on mind-numbing tv shows and commercials. And during the summer season, wearing lightweight, often next-to-microscopically thin clothing, there isn’t much “forgiveness” when it comes to revealing one’s flaws.

So when it gets bone-chillingly cold, many women out there breathe a sigh of relief! Now figure-masking thick sweaters, bulky coats and more can compliment your insulated yoga pants and you can be more confident!

Big Tip: For those that love to “hide” beneath their wool pea-coats: Spring begins on March 20, 2015. Try not to let your bodies slip too much, or you’ll have an even more miserable next year!

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Will Black Friday ever end?

Black Friday is just a buzz word

It’s amazing to see how “Black Friday” has evolved (or should we say “devolved”) over the past few years. We all know the history behind Black Friday, so there’s no real need to go into it. But rather, where is it going from here? Or better yet – has it gone too far already?

Overstock Black Friday

Retailers attempt to invoke hysteria and “need” earlier each year

No matter what the morons on the financial channels say, or how high the stocks soar – the majority of people are absolutely spending less.

This is my theory as to why I saw CHRISTMAS decorations at big box stores BEFORE Halloween! The stores must have thought there’s a smaller piece of the pie this year, so the “first” to start cashing-in on the limited supply of dollars, the better.

Which is also why I believe stores couldn’t contain themselves from using the (once unique) phrase “Black Friday” in all their marketing. Stuff like “Pre-Black Friday” or like Lowe’s did combining the also “trending” buzzword “leak” along with Black Friday. It never ends.

Lowe's Black Friday Leaks

At what point will the majority of consumers “wake up?”

When do you think the prevalence of all this “OMG once in a lifetime” type marketing attempts just go away? When people realize that they don’t NEED any of the crap they buy?

Or when Black Friday starts in February?

Or when ever other phrase that you hear (all year round) is “Black Friday?”

The whole science of “sales” has always intrigued me. I understand that there can be many factors that lead to something “on sale” cheaper than it “normally” is. It can be moving old inventory while it still has some value (i.e., electronics, last year’s fashion). Or using “loss leaders” in the hope that customers buy other, higher-profit items and accessories. Or just bringing in enough revenue to cover last months bills, regardless of loss. But truly valuable items should really never go on sale. They should just be priced fairly from the get-go.

Here’s a great video parody of Black Friday seen a few years ago on a network TV comedy show that sums it all up (and it’s not very far from reality!):

But as always, it’s the end consumer that ENABLES all this madness. The same goes for any “must have, must see” type of happening in our society (like sports, smart phones, tv shows, latest $300 sneakers). Your fellow man always finds a way to get duped by the latest and greatest – forgetting the value of what is really important in life.

Hoboken Movie Lineup: 11/21/2014

Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Bow Tie Cinemas Hoboken NJ Movie TimesHunger Games is definitely the “Star Wars” of this generation when it comes to “box office” returns. The books, the movies, the marketing, the hype. Heck, even we watched the Blu-rays at home just to see what it was all about. A bit depressing to say the least (very little in terms of “humor.”)

But what was supposed to be a trilogy, seems to have been split apart here, or am I wrong. The “Mockingjay” is now two parts?

Do you think they did that PURELY for financial reasons? To milk this money cow to the fullest? Or is the story so sophisticated that one final act wasn’t enough? Or the movie would be too long for the short attention spans of their target demographic?

Anyway, interesting side-note, that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman offed himself near the end of filming part 2, and they’re apparently digitally creating the parts he wasn’t breathing enough to film alive.

Part 2 is expected in theaters a year from now. A good sign that maybe the entire world won’t collapse until at least after then.

Hoboken Movie Clips: Hunger Games Mockingjay

(Current Bow Tie Cinemas Movie Times in Hoboken, NJ below.)