Hoboken Week in Review: 12/21/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – December 21, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review December 21 2014 Hoboken411 NJ

Happy First Day of Winter! Here’s a few noteworthy stories from Hoboken411.com to share from the week ending Sunday, December 21, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Bhalla BlunderThis bonehead should just say he was wrong and quit. They’ll never admit fault. Ever.
  • Hoboken Image MakeoverOr is it “Reputation Rescue?” A million bucks spent for some very low-priority crap in town.
  • Retail OverloadDoes Hoboken just have “too many stores?”
  • Pedestrians or Cattle?Hoboken feels the need to corral pedestrians because they’re a hazard to themselves and drivers.
  • Buzzed DrivingIs drunk driving, so they say. Plus, any cop can flat out decide your fate. How does that make you feel?

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

most people can't stand spending a few minutes by themself yet they expect others to spend an hour a day or even a lifetimme with them mokokoma

Hoboken not safe for cars!

NW Hoboken continues to be stolen rim headquarters

Unreal – we have a string of evidence in this post alone, about how the NW area of the city is the “Newark of Hoboken.” This happened just to the north of Shoprite.

I can see how this is possible, though – because it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes max to get all four rims off a car these days with high-power battery-operated impact wrenches readily available.

And what would a “Warning: Do NOT park your car here if you want to KEEP your rims!” sign cost the city? Like a under $100. Would save a lot of headaches for drivers (and police.)

You can imagine the city trying to spin this into a “get out of your cars” initiative.

But just try riding your bicycle on your first date in 25 degree weather. Odds of scoring? Zero.

stolen rims hoboken NJ

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Hoboken Photo Leftovers for December 20th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: December 20, 2014

Hoboken Photo Leftovers December 20 2014

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photo 1: I’m all for the Christmas “Spirit,” believe me. But when people throw cheap, plastic replicas of wreaths and bows – it screams “cheap.” Why bother?
  • Photo 2: Out with one “social bike sharing disaster” and in with “another bike sharing fiasco.” When will these moronic politicians just ADMIT that bike sharing will NOT work here. We’re not in Amsterdam. Bet they can’t wait for sensible people to die off and get replaced by community tree huggers.
  • Photo 3: That Liberty Bar spot uptown is actually a nice space. Me thinks astronomical rent is scaring potential tenants away. Imagine a nice old-fashioned BAR (watering hole) there?
  • Photo 4: The Hoboken Wine House at 11th definitely improved the look of that intersection. Sadly, lame booze selection and shoddy prices remain.
  • Photos 5-6: The obligatory road work shots of the week. But think about this: The city should have been handing out free parking like confetti to quell the anger from residents and employees who suffered. Another botched political opportunity for our dunce in charge.

The year is winding down…

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Lost and Found Dogs!

Lost and Found dogs in Hoboken & Jersey City

Boy – a bunch of dogs getting displaced as of late. I wonder how this can happen?

Anyway – here’s the most urgent one, considering the size of the pooch:

Have you seen Tucker the Shih Tzu?

Tucker was lost TODAY near 12th & Garden Streets. Small pooch around 12 pounds. No collar.

The owners are desperate to find him, and have a big reward if found. Call (646)228-3469 if found!

Tucker Lost Shih Tzu Hoboken NJ

Where is Abby the Husky?

And Abby the Husky was lost in nearby Jersey City (in the Van Vorst Park area). Call Melissa at (917)882-5970 if you know about this pointy-eared pooch.

Abby lost husky jersey city NJ

Is this dog yours?

I received this email a couple days ago, unfortunately – they were about as descriptive as you’d expect in today’s “OMG SMS TXT GNR8SHN,” so I don’t have much for you other than these two photos I animated, and a phone number of “their mom” (201)589-3158.

If you know this dog, or their owner(s) give them a shout.

found dog Hoboken NJ

Always time for a glass of wine!

Correct: Always time for a glass of wine in Hoboken!

99% of marketing out there has zero affect on me and my life (thankfully). And even though this sandwich board outside Bin 14 uptown didn’t convince me to spend $15 a glass for wine at a bar – I have to say I agree with it 100%. “There’s always time for a glass of wine!”

(Oh, and the kind folks at Sparrow Wine uptown found me a case of my favorite Organic Wine: Venta Morales – a fine tasting Tempranillo out of Spain for just $75 bucks a case! Under $7 a bottle cannot be beat!)

Enjoy your wine (or whatever you drink your worries away with) this weekend!

always time for a glass of wine in Hoboken NJ

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WHY: Madden 15 Lunacy

Madden 15 documents where we are going

Was forced to watch this three and a half minute “commercial” for the latest sports video game called Madden 15. It has been watched over 15 million times. That is twice the amount of time (and productivity) wasted compared to the equally moronic Charlie Sheen Ice Bucket Video.

And you can only imagine how many years of life were collectively erased from planet earth actually playing this game since it was released!

But you can actually use this opportunity as a learning experience. Watching commercials like this can be eye-opening, especially if you’ve been quite “disconnected” from the TV (not seeing it much for four years) like us.

For one, it demonizes men, making them look like retarded buffoons. Next, it uses a horrific soundtrack that sounds like the rest of the crappy music that’s “popular” with the lemmings these days. And the fact that they make one of the guys care more about a fake football game than his house burning down is just pathetic.

Sure, you can say this is all just for show – and it’s just a commercial, but if this is what it takes to sell things these days – you might want to add an extra notch of concern for the future.