Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2014

Hoboken represents Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2014

For the 16th consecutive year, Mile Square resident and Hoboken411 reader “eieio” took part in the largest parade in the world as a quintessential expert balloon “handler.”

He always gets the inside lead on the whatever balloon they want to handle every year – and this time the crew snagged the lead spots on Thomas the Tank Engine,” which was the FIRST and largest balloon in the parade.

Enjoy the photo gallery from an “insiders” perspective below! Happy Thanksgiving again!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoboken: Have a safe & sound Thanksgiving!

Now that the holiday is fully under-way, Hoboken411 wishes everyone a safe & happy Thanksgiving weekend.

We’ll be back with some fun stuff later!

Hoboken Thanksgiving 2014

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Thanksgiving Exodus from Hoboken

The biggest travel day of the year

Holidays like Thanksgiving may be great – catching up with family and enjoying a nice dinner while appreciating what you have in life.

However, like many good things there’s always a downside, and that’s that everyone is schlepping around simultaneously to get where they’re going. Hopefully you’re one of the smart ones and have planned accordingly to make your trip a stress-free one!

Now that there may be some wintry weather in the area – be sure to factor that in!

My Thanksgiving plans are:

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Thanksgiving exodus Hoboken NJ nyc snow

Hoboken Travel Tips for Thanksgiving

Here’s a few tidbits to consider as we begin the holiday weekend countdown:

  • Working today? Traveling today? If your travel plans haven’t been set in stone – think about the following. If you’re about to go to work, maybe you should call in sick and avoid the mass-transit mayhem that takes place between 12pm and 6pm today (really peaks around 3pm). All the major transit hubs (bus, rail) will be chaotic. If you’re stuck at work all day – perhaps staying put till later tonight (or grabbing a drink at a local Hoboken pub?) might help you avoid the mess. Otherwise – you knew what to expect, so hope you have patience!
  • Leaving Hoboken? LOCK UP!! If you’re heading out of town – even if just for a few days, be sure you’ve properly secured your apartments. And especially those with ground-floor or basement apartments (that weren’t already trashed), ensure your windows are locked, and air conditioners should have been removed by now (criminals love kicking them in for easy access). Last thing you want to find out when you return is that you’ve been victimized by a burglar.
  • Staying in Hoboken? Regardless of the “holiday weekend,” you should still be vigilant where you park. The HPU is always looking for ways to steal. Heck, they need something to be thankful for as well (your ignorance). The Hoboken parking racket that Fox 5 News exposed will continue as long as you enable it.

Anyone traveling to the north or west should buy these for their SUV!

Be safe & sound everyone!

“Major Winter Storm”

Major Winter Storm – or just stupid hype?

Wow – is this “pre-season” weather event a major winter storm, or just a “minor event?” That’s what I want to know. Sure some areas way to the north and west may see over 8″ of snow – but our area near the coast will barely see a couple inches (if that).

So yesterday I was on my way from Hoboken to Short Hills Mall to pick up some Xmas bling gifts (and to thwart would-be carjackers) – and I saw this sign on Route 78 that “warned” drivers of the impending “MAJOR WINTER STORM – BE PREPARED!”

Major Winter Storm Hype Hoboken NJWTF? A couple inches of wet snow and all of a sudden it’s declared a “MAJOR” storm? Who is responsible for such wording? Off the top of my (non-hysterical) mind – I’d suggest the following verbiage classifications:

  • Insignificant Snow Event: Flurries – dusting
  • Minor Snow Event: 1″ to 5″
  • Moderate Snow Storm: 5″ to 10″
  • Heavy Snow Storm: 10″ – 16″
  • Major Snow Emergency: 16″ with blizzard conditions

To use such a superlative word as “MAJOR” makes it seem at the “top of it’s class” in terms of comparisons. Which this boring storm has none of.

However, I will give them a smidgen of elbow room here. Because we have so many dim-witted morons traversing our public roadways, perhaps “scaring” some people off the roads may be a pretty good idea. Because the people that automatically believe “hype” like this – are probably also very bad drivers as well.

Have fun with your (soon to be brown) coating of frozen precipitation!

major winter storm hoboken nj

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

With the big eating holiday Thanksgiving tomorrow, most of you will be presented with a swath of food to consume.

While the benefits of a meal cooked with love “brings people together,” it does not necessarily mean you HAVE to eat everything in sight. And it certainly does not mean you need to suffer because of it.

Below is an interesting investigative report from “down under,” as Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Dr. Maryanne Demasi interviews many proponents of the low-carb lifestyle, and isn’t just pushing an agenda for big pharma.

One astonishing aspect of this production, is that a Doctor / Professor (Tim Noakes) actually admitted that some of his original studies (carb-loading for athletes) was wrong, and apologized for his errors. What a good example to set. And a good reminder that what was once considered “gospel,” can very well change down the line.

So when you’re staring at that “palette pleasing” bread stuffing tomorrow – perhaps thinking about your blood sugar levels and overall health is a better “course” to take!

Old School Neighborhood Pride

Rare: Old School Neighborhood Pride in Hoboken

Spotting something rare this fall. A true example of neighborhood pride. It’s obvious because the man was of an older generation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were “Born and Raised” here in Hoboken. This was a relative newcomer to Hoboken – the kind folks over at R. William Maggs Designs on 6th Street.

Sweeping the leaves off the sidewalk, ensuring that their business was clean and welcoming.

This is rare these days because we now live in a society where everyone expects someone else to take care of things. Like not even an ounce of thought goes into mundane tasks like this anymore.

Then again, it could also be because we’re also an overly litigious group. Perhaps someone might sue you if you sweep leaves on their car. Who knows.

Nevertheless it’s refreshing that individual neighborhood pride still exists without the arm-twisting of charity or other socialistic means.

old school neighborhood pride hoboken nj

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