Readers’ Circle Book Group 2015

Hoboken Readers Circle Book Group 2015 Schedule

Another year, and books are still here! One of my “predictions” for the future is that as technology invades more facets of our lives, a growing number of people will try to distance themselves from it (while many others fall further into the abyss). The Readers Circle Book Group is a great place to discover new books, and even discuss them with others who are (quite literally) “on the same page” as you!

And for those that love reading, but happen to enjoy the “convenience” of an electronic book reader – would be happy that Amazon has bolstered their line of Kindle readers. The latest models are the Kindle Voyage (highest quality yet) and the color reader/tablet combo Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Heck, they even make a kids version of the Kindle. Order yours today to guarantee Christmas delivery.

With the “technology” out of the way – here’s a great list of books for the Readers’ Circle the first half of next year.

The Readers’ Circle is a community event open to all book lovers. Bring a friend or make one. All you need do is read the book and come to the meeting. The group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in All Saints, 701 Washington Street, in Hoboken. Free coffee and cake is served. For more information, you can send a digital communication to readerscircle123@aol.com.

reading is fundamental

Hoboken Readers Circle 2015 Lineup

Which of these six books for the first half of 2015 are you interested in? (click to read more about each book):

Enjoy them words everyone!

Ravi Bhalla Ethics Violations

Local Finance Board: Bhalla Violated Ethics Law

Last week (December 12th), the Local Finance Board for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) formally ruled that Hoboken Councilman “at large” Ravi Bhalla violated Ethics Law when it came to his Yes vote approving a contract for his buddy Paul Condon whom he had a close business relationship with.

The board said that his relationship impaired his objectivity (obviously with the “favorable” vote), and regardless of the vote outcome, Bhalla’s abuse of “power,” created an appearance of impropriety. What would you expect from these narcissistic politicians and lawyers the minute they get the taste of authority over other people’s money.

Bhalla should resign immediately. Because the next thing you know, this slime might just be the “mayor” of this city (keep an eye on who will get appointed council president, by the way…)

See ruling here.

Ravi Bhalla Ethics Violations Hoboken NJ Local Finance Board DCA

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Awesome Jersey Sunsets

Awesome Jersey Sunsets – Are they real?

Needed to get some items off my Christmas shopping list the other day, and decided (in rush hour traffic to boot) to brave the speedways of our densely populated area and head over to Short Hills Mall (the last “civilized” mall out there). Check it out! Is that an awesome Jersey sunset or what?

Now I’m wondering if these spectacular sunsets are “natural,” or are they “man made” as a result of the tasty chemicals in the air (thanks to the industrial revolution).

Either way, still very gorgeous even if they only last a few minutes.

awesome jersey sunset on way from Hoboken NJ to short hills mall

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Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters meetup at Mills Tavern in Hoboken

Well, it’s true. People still get a kick out of these annual “Ugly Sweaters” holiday parties that take place every year. I guess the novelty has not worn off yet (thanks in part to the “social media” attention whoring aspect of it).

But one such party is taking place over at Mills Tavern (125 Washington St.) tomorrow night, Thursday, December 18th from 7pm to 10pm, courtesy of the Hoboken Social Sandbox. Host Alexis Walling says:

“Break out the ugly sweater, wear it proudly and join us for a Holiday Happy Hour at Mills Tavern! Cost is $20 per person – PLUS you need to bring a pair of warm socks to donate to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. The cost includes food and your first drink (of many).”

Ugly Sweater Party Hoboken NJ

Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans donation bin in Hoboken NJ

Have any jeans you don’t want anymore? Well, instead of throwing them out, or taking them to the Salvation Army in Jersey City – Hoboken High School’s Dimitri Rodriguez is taking part in the Teens for Jeans campaign:

“I’m currently running a community service project at my school called Teens for Jeans. Over a million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year and one of the most requested items that young people in homeless shelters ask for is a pair of jeans. There is a bin in the lobby of City Hall and is running until February 13, 2015. We only accept jeans of any size and color. I would great appreciate it so the word can get out around Hoboken.”

Teens for Jeans Hoboken NJ

Hoboken Branding & Wayfinding – WTF?

Colossal waste of money – Hoboken Branding & Wayfinding

Holy crap, how low can you go these days? The city is spending nearly a million dollars (of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY) for something called the “Citywide Wayfinding and First Street Streetscape Revitalization Project.”

This project will supposedly “create a new brand identity” for Hoboken. That is a euphemism for “Desperately want people NOT to think about flooding, parking boots or idiotic and corrupt mayors.”

Hoboken Wayfinding and branding waste of moneyAdditionally, they want to create a new “wayfinding” system, which includes “unique signage, banners, touch-screen kiosks, murals and mosaics.” WTF?

Uniqueness comes from letting the community do that type of stuff on their own. Naturally. NOT some government-mandated and overseen socialist project. Just like that stupid American Express main street shop local program – the odds of this being a miserable failure are immense.

And wayfinding? I mean the city is one square mile with nice easy to understand grid of streets. If you need “help” getting around this city, perhaps you’re a liability and should not visit. Don’t we have homeless people and struggling elderly people? But no, we need colorful signs and QR codes!

They have a survey too – which asks “fun” questions to answer, like:

  • Name 3 features unique to Hoboken: (like excessive parking boot theft, constant flooding, and a sea of entitled, narcissistic zombies)
  • Name 3 things you would change about Hoboken is perceived by others: (Why would they ask that of residents?)
  • Name 3 adjectives that best describe Hoboken: (Floody, over-priced, greedy)
  • What 1 color do you most associate with Hoboken: (Who the fuck can even answer that question with a sane mind?)
  • Name 3 locations that the city would benefit from “wayfinding” materials: (Do people need this stuff that will eventually get destroyed by drunks and graffiti vandals?)

And lastly – they ask which of the three “brand specimens” you like best. NYC, Prague, and Bologna. I mean really, are they just going to “copy” some other crappy branding?

Hoboken Branding Wayfinding

The city should politely return this money and let it go to better use. I mean, really. This ought to be fun to watch.