FBW Annual Fundrasier

Fund for a Better Waterfront (FBW) Fundraiser

If you had to “thank” any particular entity for the way the Hoboken waterfront looks today – it wouldn’t be any politician. It would be the Fund for a Better Waterfront. Their efforts over the past couple decades has “saved” Hoboken from becoming worse than it is already. Just imagine the already dismal parks and open-space situation with even less “green.” Yeah, it could have been that bad.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is holding their annual fundraiser tonight at the Hoboken Elks Lodge.

Fund for a better waterfront fundraiser Hoboken NJ

Connect the Waterfront

Join us for an evening of music, dancing, entertainment, fine food & drink, all for a great cause! Emily Turonis and her quintet will provide the music, and Col. John Stevens, creator of the original plan for Hoboken in 1804, will make a special appearance. Enjoy a silent auction of harbor cruises, fine wine, a signed football jersey from Eli Manning & more.

FBW will present its annual Riparian Award to honor Craig Whitaker for his special contribution to the Hudson River waterfront. Zafra Restaurant will cater the event with its Little Latin Dishes.

Your support is critical to the ultimate success of Hoboken’s waterfront. Tickets are available online for $75 and at the door for $85.

Saturday Brunch Party

10th & Willow hosts Saturday Brunch Party in Hoboken

As with most restaurants in Hoboken, a weekend “brunch” is nothing more than a special menu offering. But how many places market their brunch as a “brunch party?” Only one that I know of – 10th & Willow Bar & Grill.

This Saturday, October 25th from 1pm to 5pm (and once a month through the winter), 10th & Willow is offering up something a little more “super-charged” than an ordinary brunch menu. This is a Saturday Brunch Party, complete with a DJ spinning tunes, and drink specials. Call it a “boozy brunch” if you must. Certainly makes a regular Saturday afternoon a bit more exciting doesn’t it?

In addition to a brunch menu – you get $2 Coors Light on tap, plus $30 Carafes of Mimosas. Be sure to “dress to impress” as a brunch party is NOT meant for people in pajama pants and Ugg slippers. Got that?

Call (201)653-2358 to make reservations and ensure yourself a spot.

Saturday Brunch Party Hoboken NJ 10th Willow Bar Grill October 25

Waiting on line for handouts

Government housing line stretches for blocks in Hoboken, NJ

Today – hundreds of people lined up for a government housing “lottery.” That line was many city blocks long.

Isn’t it interesting when something that is given out for absolutely zero contribution, that people flock – even in the rain?

But when you’re offering an opportunity (like a JOB), there are NEVER such lines? I see many “help wanted” signs around town…

government housing line hoboken NJ lottery

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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations in Hoboken

Yeah, yeah, I know – most people put Halloween decorations on their homes these days in Hoboken “for the kids.” But those fake spider-webs (probably made in China) just look awful! Like their laundry machine vomited out the window.

Fake Web Halloween Decorations WRONG in Hoboken NJ

This web decoration is a little more tastefully done, but still unoriginal:

Halloween Decorations fake spider webs Hoboken NJ

Being unoriginal is a missed opportunity for kids

Going to the store to buy pre-packaged Halloween Decorations (again, probably made in China), and copying what everyone else is doing is a bad lesson to teach children these days. It promotes the solution that you can buy everything “ready made,” and takes much of the “thinking” out of the equation (especially when it’s a clone).

There are a handful of very creative displays in town – most notably the one at 11th & Garden Streets. They put on an epic Halloween display every year. Looks like they brought back the “texting zombies”which is as relevant as ever!

If you’re not going to put the effort into going “all out” like these people – perhaps ditching the horrible (probably toxic) fake webbing, and teaching your kids to do something unique out of some pumpkins might be a better idea. Less to clean up afterward, too!

Texting zombie halloween decorations in Hoboken NJ

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Hoboken GPS spottings October 2014

Hoboken GPS spottings still happen in 2014

I thought the Hoboken GPS Spottings category would have run it’s course last year, but I was mistaken. People still have dedicated GPS units that they leave in their car. How come?

Hoboken GPS Spottings October 2014 1

One reason that people might still have GPS (despite great smart phone apps like Waze), is because they want to drive with navigation AND still text and message other people while they drive. It’s the only explanation I can come up with.

And perhaps these days, thieves are less inclined to take the risk anymore – because pawn shops probably only pay $10 for an average GPS you can pick up at Walmart.

Regardless, no matter what time of day or night, it’s never a good idea. Like leaving money on the dash!

Hoboken GPS Spottings October 2014 2

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“Text Necks Syndrome”

Text Necks Syndrome poised to get worse in Hoboken

Good posture is going to be a thing of the past if people don’t start realizing what they’re doing when they’re “out and about.” Instead of enjoying their environs while waiting for the bus, most people nowadays remain in their digital world – even though their physical bodies are outside (and with PLENTY to see, observe, think about). They simply NEED to “connect” with whatever it may be they’re immersed in on their “smart” phones (social networks, games, celebrity gossip, idle chatter, etc.)

These two kids below put “text necks syndrome” on full display (probably looking at porn), when one kid briefly checked out out this girls tush before he went back into his creaked position:

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 2

This lady here didn’t even realize I was taking a photo:

oblivious cell phone users 2

Although this chap here took a break from looking at his screen to watch me take a photo, he was still in the “bent-over-browsing” mode (notice others in the picture “heads down.”)

Text Necks Syndrome Hoboken NJ 1

Who knows – maybe that ridiculous Google Glass comes with at least one benefit? Improved spinal alignment?

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