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Zero Excuse for Obesity

Obesity – No one to “blame” but yourself

The purpose of this article is to one, remind everyone that this obesity “epidemic” is not like some plague. It’s a self-induced problem. And two, to show – since thousands of people reach the obesity level every day – how “justifying it” is becoming a trend (like fat runway models, marketing that coaxes fat people into gorging even more food into their gullets, etc.)

What? You really LOVE your fat body? Haha! Pitiful!

I love my fat body obese on a treadmillSome whiny feminist “author” named Naomi Alderman recently penned a piece called “I really Love my Fat Body,” which she later revised the title to: “There is no morality in Exercise: I’m a fat person and made a successful fitness app…”

For what it’s worth, she made an “app” called Zombies, Run! (which sounds neat), but actually “feared” people finding out she was a giant tub and mocking her because she made a fitness program. But her “app” is actually irrelevant to the story.

It’s apparent that because she was a physical klutz, and couldn’t “compete” with people who were already “fit,” Naomi built up some resentment against the fitness “scene” overall. Although, she claims to exercise frequently – but just can’t shed the weight.

She even talks about her body in the third-person: “I really love my body. It’s taken me ages, but I’m there now. I love it in the way you love an old friend, someone who’s always there to support you, who tries their hardest to help you do all the things you want to do and asks so little in return . My body is like a waggy-tailed dog in its excitement to accompany me on adventures. It’s so thrilled to go for a walk or work out at the gym or take a nice bath or have some good sex or dance to some music or lift some heavy things or curl up in bed at the end of a long day. That’s my fat body, which I have learned to love through exercise.”

Rationalizing your obesity is the WORST thing you can do

Naomi must have some kind of mommy or daddy issues – the fact that she is so emotionally troubled. And to write a piece like that which essentially justifies the unhealthy condition of your body (due to diet nearly 100%), is a pretty lame way to excuse yourself from the responsibility.

Even worse – commenters on that site coddle her even more – further strengthening her belief that “it’s okay” to be disproportionately shaped and physically less attractive.

More evidence that she’s either lying about exercise or doing it absolutely the wrong way (with minimal effort and consistency) is that she said “I have never lost a single pound through exercise.” Exercise or not, she has an eating disorder!

“Loving” your fat body may make life more tolerable for you today – but by believing that lie, you will only hurt yourself down the line.

Okay, maybe ignorance does play a significant role in Obesity

While it is true that the individual is solely responsible for what they put in their mouth – those who have woken up when it comes to the truth in nutrition can see how people have almost been victimized until recently.

You know the drill. The whole “fat is bad” misinformation campaign that indoctrinated millions nearly four decades ago does have a role in this epidemic. But anyone who has tried diet after diet with no success would eventually “stumble upon” the low-carb lifestyle. Unless they just gave up (which Naomi probably did).

Yes, it can be a challenge to “eat right.” With tons of processed fast food, and 90% of the supermarket products containing starches, preservatives and artificial ingredients, it actually takes a sincere amount of effort to fuel your body properly. But the information is readily available at the click of a mouse.

Think about it: Who benefits from obesity?

obese scaleLastly – for anyone that is just like Naomi or sympathizes with her – and just accepts the premise that “some people are just fat,” here’s an exercise for you: “follow the money.”

Look into how many industries have struck gold because people are suckers. The AG industry, peddling their cheap, easy to produce and transport GMO grains which are in most packaged goods at the supermarket. The Pharma industry, who has a steady stream of customers who need to “treat” the effects of obesity (the list is LONG). The medical industry (with already criminal rates they charge), are helping these fatties “just enough” to keep them alive. And more.

What would they stand to lose if everyone was in good health?

I bet when they read stories like “I love my fat body” they are giving each other high fives, without a worry in the world. Too bad people can’t “wake up” instead of trying to justify their failures as human beings.

I’m still quite amazed that people can actually “come to grips” with flaws they can easily remedy. And even more shocked that they have sympathizers! What a cop out!

Jar Goods – Local Gravy

Jar Goods – Tasty sauce in a jar (local too!)

John Vitelli from Jar Goods is out to dispel the myth that great tomato sauce can’t come from a jar (like Hoboken Farms sauce has already done!)

Jar Goods is Hoboken, NJ based, but “Classic Red” has Jersey City roots. The recipe is that of my fathers, who, over a period of 50 years, perfected it at famed Jersey City restaurant Jule’s. After soaking up his knowledge and receiving his blessing, Jar Goods got underway with the goal of making meal preparation easier for the busy but discerning home cook.

Classic Red is made in small batches with simple, fresh ingredients. It’s a versatile, gourmet sauce of rich, complex flavor. Classic Red is also gluten-free, vegan, all-natural and made with non-GMO tomatoes. To date Classic Red is available in over 90 retailers across 8 states, including 20 Whole Foods.

Jar Goods Classic Red Sauce Hoboken NJ

Does Jar Goods make the grade?

We recently paired Jar Goods Classic Red sauce with our staple dinner dish: Low Carb Chicken Parm. How did it taste?

At first – I tasted the sauce out of the jar, uncooked – and thought it might have been a bit bitter, but after heating it up on the stovetop first – the taste mellowed out quite nicely.

The carb content is a bit on the high side (12g per 1/2 cup), but it is to be expected, because of the added sugar (although not too sweet). But the taste was fantastic – and on par with our favorite Hoboken Farms Sauce.

This sauce isn’t as “chunky” as others, so it would be a preference choice based on your mood. Just the right amount of salt, too.

Give Jar Goods a shot, and support a local business in the process!

PS: Low Carb Chicken Parm is easy. Just substitute bread crumbs with either almond flour, or even better, crushed pork skins (Pork Clouds are our current favorite). Brown each side on the pan (in either ghee or butter), then bake at 350 for maybe 30 minutes (adjust to thickness of chicken breast). Viola!

Jar Goods Classic Red Sauce Chicken Parm Hoboken NJ

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction

With the big eating holiday Thanksgiving tomorrow, most of you will be presented with a swath of food to consume.

While the benefits of a meal cooked with love “brings people together,” it does not necessarily mean you HAVE to eat everything in sight. And it certainly does not mean you need to suffer because of it.

Below is an interesting investigative report from “down under,” as Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Dr. Maryanne Demasi interviews many proponents of the low-carb lifestyle, and isn’t just pushing an agenda for big pharma.

One astonishing aspect of this production, is that a Doctor / Professor (Tim Noakes) actually admitted that some of his original studies (carb-loading for athletes) was wrong, and apologized for his errors. What a good example to set. And a good reminder that what was once considered “gospel,” can very well change down the line.

So when you’re staring at that “palette pleasing” bread stuffing tomorrow – perhaps thinking about your blood sugar levels and overall health is a better “course” to take!

Low Carb Revelations

3 years living low carb – verdict?

After about three full years living (and learning) the low carbohydrate lifestyle – I have to say without a doubt, it is the one and only sustainable long-term health “plan” you can provide for yourself.

But that is not to say it is (or was) without revelations, new discoveries, hiccups and roadblocks.

Because the world is constantly moving in all directions, and as we learn (or un-learn, or re-learn) subtle (and often risky) facts about about nutrition in general – it absolutely pays to stay on your toes, keep educating yourself, and remain active in the low carb world.

Human Guinea Pig – will try almost anything

In the past year or so – I’ve experimented with foods and methods that were essentially outside of the direct “comfort zone” of a true low carb / high fat (LCHF) diet.

They weren’t the same “bad” things I used to eat – but as I’ve realized, they are NOT necessarily good either. Let’s take a look.

    wheat belly total health
  • “Gluten Free” is VERY over-rated: About the ONLY benefit of “gluten free” (besides the obvious Celiac reasons), is that you don’t suffer from the same inflammation and “bloating” you’d experience if you ate a substantial wheat-based meal. Other than that – and as we’ve read in Dr. William Davis’ new book: Wheat Belly – Total Health – is that ALL GRAINS ARE BAD. Rice. Corn. Oats. Barley. Human beings were NOT “designed” to eat the seeds of grass. Period. We’re not cows with four stomachs, or dogs with two. We have one single stomach, and our bodies are plain and simply NOT made to process those “edible” items. A majority of diseases and unpleasant “symptoms” can be traced back to grains. Eliminate them entirely.
  • Organic – still open for debate: While I certainly don’t want to eat pesticides or GMO products – I’m still on the fence with certain organic foods. One, the cost per unit of measure is substantially higher – which may or may not present a problem long term. Additionally – I’m a bit concerned with the authenticity of most commercial organic products. Unless I was there on the assembly line, how can one be 100% positive it’s genuine? Furthermore – any kind of carby snack that boasts “all natural” and organic should still be avoided if they contain grains of any kind. I will add though, that we had some organic blueberries the other day that were out of this world. Way better than the cheaper chemical-laced berries.
  • “Cheating” never has an upside: Even if you’re on a huge “winning streak” and feel better than ever – there is NEVER a time to “cheat” just because you “deserve it.” Because cheating is just punishing yourself. One, you’ll most likely get a stomach ache (or experience body pain and stiffness). Two, it will raise your blood sugar levels and knock you out of nutritional ketosis. Could be a day, two or more before you’re burning stored body fat again. And lastly, once to have that taste of the addictive carbs – you’re prone to cheat a few more times within a short time-frame (until the suffering wakes you back up). Staying on track is much more rewarding than 15 minutes of “palate pleasing.”
  • Watch your alcohol: After drinking nothing but red wine for a few years – I had the cravings for an ice-cold frothy beer during one of our warmer days this past summer. That kicked off a week or two long streak where I didn’t care. The beers went down nice (and you got a different “buzz” too, believe it or not) but I felt worse the following days. I don’t care if beer has a different sugar (Maltose), it’s still not a smart choice if you need that drink. Stay off the beer (think “beer belly.”)

Recommended Low Carb Reading

The Big Fat SurpriseOther than the awesome latest edition of the Wheat Belly book I mentioned above – here are a few others we’ve read and recommend:

  • The Big Fat Surprise – Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet by Nina Teicholz: A NY Times Best Seller and filled with 1000′s of references, The Big Fat Surprise was the result of over a decade of research that absolutely DESTROYS conventional “wisdom” about nutrition we were all force-fed for the past 40+ years. Bottom line, our obesity epidemic is most certainly a “western disease” thanks to misinformation, the industrial revolution, and more. Quit “counting calories” and being afraid of good fats and you’ll be in great shape.
  • Wheat Belly Cookbook and Wheat Belly 30-minute (or less) Cookbook: Together, these two cookbooks will give you over 350 dishes you can create that are wheat and grain-free. Absolutely fantastic (especially the 30 minute version). You’ll never miss bread again, and if you start today – perhaps by next summer you’ll be ready to wear a bikini at the beach for the first time in a long time!

Good luck to whomever is finally about to take the low-carb plunge! You’ll be amazed at how you can turn you life around for the better!

Crumbs Bake Shop – Revived

Crumbs Bake Shop brought back to life… for now

Shortly after Crumbs Bake Shop closed, millionaire and liberal TV talk show host Marcus Lemonis stepped in with a $6.5 million dollar plan to revive the fledgling diabetes store sweet bakery.

Now at least three NJ locations will be brought back to life. Bridgewater, Hoboken and Westfield. They should be opening up any day now.

Lemonis called the bake shop “iconic” (why? because it was a “brand name?”) and said that it was important to step in because of the “delicious products.” I smell something, and it doesn’t smell like cupcakes.

For one, the entire grain industry is “commoditized” purely for profit and he must know people in “Big AG” in order to peddle what amounts to drugs destructive to the human body, one or two “gluten free” items or not. More and more people are waking up to low-carb each week, so I wonder why they’re betting on it.

I suspect there are enough ignorant, uneducated people out there for this place to maintain a profit. But for how long, is anybody’s guess.

Crumbs Marcus Lemonis Hoboken NJ

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Never Ending Pasta: WHY?

Olive Garden luring Americans with “Never Ending Pasta Pass”

Pasta makes you fatWow.

Olive Garden recently had a promotion, featuring diabetes a “Never Ending Pasta Pass,” which for a mere $99, you can eat all the pasta you want for seven weeks! The promotion sold out in minutes as nearly a million boneheads bombarded the Olive Garden website in order to snatch up this belly-busting deal.

If you haven’t woken up yet, those carbs will hurt ya! I bet anyone taking that promotion to the fullest will undoubtedly impact their health in a very negative way.

Even sadder is the fact that over 6 million people are fans of those “endless bread sticks” and other insulin-wrecking food-stuff that is plain and simply dangerous to eat regularly, especially in excess. But it’s “cheap” and tasty, so what do people care, right?

David Letterman’s Top 10 “fine print clauses” for this pasta-shoveling stunt is hilarious!