New Coffee Shop coming to MetroStop in Hoboken, NJ

Finally some action over at the Metrostop building near the 9th Street Light Rail (besides muggings and teenage thugs from the heights up to no good!) A new coffee shop is on the way!

The whimsical signs in the windows say: “Mmm… Can you smell that? Lattes, Espressos, Toasty SANDWICHES. Coming January. Happy Holidays!”

I guess they mean “smell the construction dust?”

Either way – area residents and commuters will likely be happy that a convenience like this will be in their daily travels. We’ll check it out once they open to see what they have going on.

Coffee Shop at Metrostop Hoboken NJ

Description: Coffee Shop, sandwiches. Convenient access from Light Rail Station.
Address: 800 Jackson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Metrostop building on the 9th Street side)
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

Hoboken NJ

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