Parking meter overload in Hoboken – when is enough enough?

Parking meter overload in Hoboken NJ uptownMany residents have noticed that new “muni meters” (robotic parking thieves) have been installed in various spots uptown. I call it Hoboken parking meter overload!

James noticed them “Over the past few weeks I noticed the town is transitioning parking uptown from the normal permit/visitor parking to 4 hour meter parking. This looks to be taking place on 15th street west of willow, as well as Clinton, Grand and Adams streets between 14th and 16th.”

These meters don’t appear to have gone in effect yet – but they probably will soon.

And Jennifer, who visits places like the Carpe Diem, Kolo Klub and Pilsener Haus often thought the meters were just bad news. “We already know that Hoboken’s reputation for excessive tickets and boots can deter customers. These meters will only make it worse.”

She might be right. The owner of Maxwell’s already said that the parking blitzkrieg was partly responsible for the demise of that Hoboken landmark, so why is the administration chasing business customers away in exchange for stuffing city hall coffers?

These spots in the fringe areas of town were much appreciated by local residents and visitors, who used them daily when parking was at capacity in other areas of town. The pilferage of hard earned money from people just looking to peacefully live in or enjoy Hoboken is counter-productive.