Instead of pandering – “bike at your own risk” makes more sense

You know how “bike lanes” and the like have gotten so much attention over the past few years? It’s not like bicycles were just invented and took off in popularity, nope. Bikes have become a stupid political football, and most people out there have just gobbled it up without thought. Now politicians, “activists” (green, etc.), and everyone else squabble over mundane talking points and property-taxpayer funded “amenities” like bike racks and lanes. None of that helps, as you still have bikers getting run over (either by accident or their own entitled snobbery), cars blocking lanes, and fights between said entitled bicyclists and drivers. Almost by design, right?

Life would be a lot simpler if all cities abandoned the bike-love-fest, and have just one provision on the books for bicycles: “BIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

Take a look at this tool-bag bicyclist the other day in Washington D.C., you could hear how douchey he was muttering at the driver of the car before the altercation happened. People just like him all over Hoboken, including “officials” who love riding their bikes on the sidewalks.

Does Bicycle Friendly Community mean “no enforcement” in Hoboken?

10/14/2013 Update:

When it comes to sucking face with bikes in Hoboken, we have it all. “Bicycle Friendly Community” signs, bike lane paint, bike racks, rental bikes and much more.

But does being a “bicycle friendly community” have a hidden meaning?


Just because you’re “pals” with bicyclists, doesn’t mean you should look the other way when it comes to the 100′s of “riding on the sidewalk” violations that happen each day. Where is the enforcement? Why are bicyclists so afraid of the “big bad scary street?”

Instead of booting and ticketing cars (whose drivers are trying to do business in Hoboken) – why not issue citations to these completely clueless bicyclists? It wouldn’t hurt our local economy much, because they probably buy everything online anyway!

Bikers ride on sidewalk despite bike lanes in Hoboken NJ

Bicycle Friendly Community signs spotted in Hoboken


Did you know that the League of American Bicyclists decreed that Hoboken is considered a “Bicycle Friendly Community?”

Hoboken NJ Bicycle Friendly Community

Apparently bike lane paint qualifies you as a Bike Friendly City

Here’s what this group “bicycle advocates” has to say about Bicycle Friendly Cities:

“The Bicycle Friendly Community Program (BFC) provides a roadmap to improve conditions for bicycling in your community and offers national recognition for communities that actively support bicycling. A Bicycle Friendly Community welcomes cyclists by providing safe accommodation for cycling and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation. Each application to the Bicycle Friendly America program is reviewed by a panel of national bicycle experts and several local reviewers are consulted to share their on the ground perspective of the applicant.”

It seems like every group has some kind of “activist” representation these days. Turtle lovers. Seniors who power-walk. Those who love wearing sweat suits 24 hours a day. And these “eco-friendly” bikers. What ever happened to just fending for yourself, and assuming all risk? Why all this fluff anyway?

And I’ve personally witnessed many “bike activists” in town blatantly run red lights, fail to signal, and speed down sidewalks. So why are we catering to them anyway?

National Bike Month May 2013 Hoboken NJ Bicycle Friendly Community

Hoboken is not friendly to bikes, pedestrian, or cars!

In case you didn’t know – Hoboken is a very VERY tight city. Most of the roads that have these silly bike lanes are worthless. And you can’t even walk on the sidewalks, really – because you’ll get mowed down by a drunk driver.

Either they’re too narrow, have potholes that have the moon green with envy, and are constantly ignored by pretty much every driver in town. Not because they hate bikes, because NO ONE USES THEM and we need the space for DOUBLE PARKING!

I’m going to submit my credentials as a “national bike expert” and become president of this bike league.

The first thing I’d do is recommend dissolving the League of American Bicyclists and give them all more useful hobbies to fill their spare time (like reading history books – because their bike rules won’t mean squat during the crisis that’s coming.) Next, I’d repeal all laws that have the word “bike” in them. And replace with one single rule: Bike at your own risk!

Bike Lanes are always double parked in Hoboken NJ