Hoboken Board of Ed meeting (and sidewalk biking offenders!)

For those of you who might not know – the Hoboken school system takes up over a third of your quarterly property tax bill (and growing). And with just over 2,000 students (less than 5% of the city population), you probably want to know how they’re wasting spending your money – especially when Hoboken consistently ranks near the bottom in the state. Head over to the Wallace School (11th & Clinton) tonight at 7pm to see all the Hoboken Board of Ed action.

Another reason you might want to attend – is to give Hoboken Board of Ed “President” Leon Gold a piece of your mind. Here we have a so-called “leader” of this educational organization, yet he is known to set very bad examples for children. Besides his well-known bad temper, he also frequently ignores city laws by riding his bicycle on the sidewalks. He’s not the only one, as many other “city officials” have been spotted doing the very same thing, including our Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

How he is qualified in this role of “authority” is beyond me. Any complaints? Contact Superintendent of Schools Mark Toback at mark.toback@hoboken.k12.nj.us to share your thoughts about his antics.

Hoboken Board of Ed president Leon Gold rides bike on sidewalk