Hoboken Visuals: Madison Street Fire on 2/17

Here’s a short video clip of yesterday’s Madison Street Fire in Hoboken sent in by Hoboken411 reader David. He took it from over the border in nearby Jersey City.

You can see how the wind definitely played a role in the intensity of the fire. Surprised no “fire alerts” were issued.

Explosion the cause or just an affect of the Madison St. fire?

Several residents heard a “loud explosion” prior to realizing a fire had broken out. While the fire was initially labeled as caused by cigarettes (according to one resident who lived in one of the buildings), other theories are that a propane tank could have been involved. But it’s uncertain if those explosions were just the result of the fire, and not the cause.

Resident Stephanie said “We heard a huge boom and then fire trucks rushed to the scene just seconds later.”

This is how it looked in her field of view:

Madison Street Fire Hoboken NJ

And this photo that Kevin took shows the “ferocity” of the flames at the peak of the blaze:

Madison St Fire in Hoboken NJ