Hello, McFly!

Hello, McFly! Back to the Future Car visits Hoboken, NJ

This past weekend, I happened to be in the presence of the Sunday Funnies… and flicked through them briefly. But what caught my eye was the Between the Lines cartoon from Max Garcia. Was a picture of the Back to the Future car colliding with some other kind of time machine vehicle in the void somewhere:

It reminded me these photos Hoboken411 reader Fritz sent to me a couple weeks ago (which I forgot to post!) He said “Hello, McFly!” and wanted to share the unusual sighting.

Apparently – in one of the local Hoboken Parking Garages – the same car that was used in the Back to the Future movie is parked! Not sure if it’s a replica or the prop used in the actual movie… but it’s kind of cool nonetheless!

Hello, McFly! Back to the future car in Hoboken NJ

Hello, McFly! Back to the future car in Hoboken New Jersey

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  1. fishface says:

    That car has been parked at that garage for well over a year…

  2. carrie says:

    from what I hear, it is the real thing..

  3. mrfreddy says:

    Who’s this “Fritz” guy?

    Anyway, since I, er, Fritz, sent that picture, that car has vanished. It’s either someplace or some time else…

    Pretty sure it was a replica, btw. Apparently they destroyed the original during filming.

  4. Swaby says:

    Damn, which garage was it in?

    Such a great trilogy

  5. divetrash says:

    That “other kind of time machine” is from H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”. At least the movie interpretation of it.

  6. rich k says:

    It left last Thursday night on the back of a flatbed. I passed it near the Exxon station, which must have been out of plutonium. Either that or the Mr. Fusion adapter on the back was blown.

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