Do you buy the Flu Shot Hype?

Flu Shot Hype intensity increases in Hoboken, NJ

Kids Hate Flu Shot Hype in Hoboken NJContinuing our documentation of the “Flu Shot Hype” here in Hoboken – is this year’s batch of constant badgering of signs “scaring” people into volunteering to get their annual flu shot. And as we approach the scary “Winter Tundra” that makes Hoboken almost uninhabitable except for the most weathered Eskimos – we watch as certain sects of our society “cash in” on what they’ve created.

Now, more than ever – the propaganda (signs, reminders, scare-tactics) seems more prevalent and truly “in your face” than ever before. Each major pharmacy in town has taken the messaging campaign literally “to the streets” with MULTIPLE large signs peppering the sidewalks surrounding each business. Do you ever wonder why the city doesn’t crack down on these signs? Don’t you think they violate some kind of city ordinance? Or did someone get “paid to look the other way?”

Here are some obvious examples of what pedestrians have pummeled into their brains on a daily basis:

CVS creates “Flu Shot Row” on 14th Street

Yikes! CVS Pharmacy almost took every available pole to cram the flu shot hype down our throats. Some views even looked like the signs covered the view to the entire curvature of the earth. Why are they so desperate for people to inject themselves with a shot that (as some experts say) do very minimal to prevent you from getting the flu?

FLu Shot Sign overload in Hoboken NJ CVS

CVS Flu Shot Hype Hoboken NJ

Rite Aid loves giant Flu Shot signs. Bigger than boat sails!

The signs at the various Rite Aid locations in Hoboken are amongst the largest. So big, in fact – that on windy days, they actually almost uproot street signs embedded in concrete. Of course, they’re not complete without the scary warning that you need to “shield yourself from the flu.” What do I think each time I walk by? How do I shield myself from these signs?

Rite Aid Flu Shot Hype Hoboken NJ

Walgreens uses old school propaganda images to promote flu shots

I think this might be one of the worst. Taking a cue from the We Can Do It” propaganda campaign from back in 1943 (to promote World War II), Walgreens Pharmacy decided to use that “tried and true” method to get unsuspecting individuals to volunteer to get injected with the “vaccine.”

Walgreens Flu Shot Hype Hoboken NJ

Do flu shots really make a difference?

In the end – I think that perhaps *some* (very small percentage) of people might benefit from the vaccine, however – there are better ways to approach this conundrum. Via healthy living and alternative non-pharmaceutical remedies. And no, we’re not against all vaccines. Small Pox and Polio might be some that were sensible and that benefited the human race. But these annual shots are just too much and most likely take a toll on the average human and aren’t good long term. That’s our take – you form your own opinion.

But when you see the barrage of “signs” like this – you should simply ask CUI BONO?

More flu shot hype – preventative measures

3/4/2013 Update:

Winter may be winding down soon, but the big bad “FLU” is still out there.

I spotted this table over at a local Home Depot recently: “Flu Prevention.”

It was basically a table of bleach products (which I’d still recommend over any single “green” or “eco” cleaning product. Just works.)

And not that I’d expect a hardware store to sell natural (non-medicinal) remedies – but you can definitely prevent the flu in other ways besides killing germs and bacteria in your environment.

Highly recommended is super-doses of Vitamin D. I found an especially great product this year: Seeking Health Optimal Liquid Vitamin D3 – which packs a whopping 2000 IU of Vitamin D per drop! I take at least 10,000 IU daily, and feel like a million bucks.

You can find other non-pharma remedies such as Zinc supplementation and drinking Ginger Tea as well.

With good preventative care of your own body – you won’t have to bleach your whole life as if it was a crime scene!

Flu Prevention at Home Depot better than flu shots

Flu Shot Hype – worth it in Hoboken NJ?


Child does not want FLU shot hypeNot sure about you guys – but I see the Flu Shot Hype everywhere I go!

Each and every pharmacy in Hoboken is touting Flu Shots – sometimes even offering them 24 hours a day!

Jeez Louise! Does that “hype” make you wonder why they are promoting it to the utmost degree?

How badly do they want you to “buy the hype” and get injected with God knows what? Because they’ve reported “news” stories and other propaganda? Have you read the reports or undertaken studies yourself?

Yet the majority of the population “fears” the flu (and any dastardly variation, “swine flu,” “bird flu,” etc.) Ever wonder why?

With minimal REAL medical knowledge – why do you think the masses buy into the hype and fear?

Do you buy the Flu Shot Hype?

I’m not going to use this forum to compare notes between “why you should get a flu shot” and “the dangers of flu shots.”

However – since the entire bought and paid for main stream media visible world is PROMOTING that you MUST have a flu shot, I’ll provide some links as to why you should NOT GET FLU SHOTS.

Personally – I have not had a flu shot in TWO decades, and I’m doing just fine.

My honest suggestion? Think twice before you inject suspicious chemicals in your body every single year, just because there are scary stories about all sorts of dangerous diseases, etc.

Turn off your TV and live a better life. Below are some articles you might consider reading:

Do you think flu shots do more long term damage than short-term benefits?

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3 years 2 days ago

I never had a flu shot until this year. My doctor recommends it every year, but I never got the flu. My mom’s been an RN for 30+ years and this is the first time she pretty much begged me to get it. I did a bit of research on my own and figured I’d get it. Insurance covered it and I didn’t have any negative effects. I’ll buy into the argument that it’s useless before I start believing conspiracy theories that it will hurt you in some way. I’m not that paranoid. Either way I haven’t gotten the flu,… Read more »

3 years 2 days ago
3 years 2 days ago

There is also mercury in a can of tuna. And most types of fish for that matter. I take it you don’t eat fish.

One tuna fish sandwich equals one flu vaccine. The difference is the other atoms that compose the compounds. A vaccine has thimerosal, an ethyl mercury is gets eliminated from your blood quickly. Tuna contains methyl mercury, which accumulates over time. If you’re really paranoid, get the mist-type vaccine which contains no thimerosal.
[quote comment=”219414″]Flu shots contain mercury.[/quote]

joey maxim
3 years 1 day ago

makes some sense..If i want mercury i will chew on a kitchen thermometer..Have been recieving flu shots for the past 10 years..Maybe it’s just me but,,,,unbeknown to me the component N1H1 was combined with the regular vaccine..two septembers last,upon reciving the shot,was sick january febuary march on 2012..I will take my chances and do without..The media drives the public nuts ,one day oranges are good for you and certain other foods..the weight loss nonsense and other pills creams for day at a tiime and if it makes on feel secure it’s there call.. just an opinion .[quote comment=”219420″]There is… Read more »

3 years 2 days ago

Never had one, never had the flu…

3 years 2 days ago

Thanks for the medical advice doctor.

3 years 1 day ago
3 years 1 day ago

That’s definitely not what the article says. Just because the parents think that’s why she tragically died, doesn’t make it a fact. Probably should wait for autopsy results before stating that as fact.

As I said earlier, I don’t get the flu shot, but to think that these vaccines are killing children is ludicrous and uninformed. Anything we put in our bodies poses some risk. The data show that deaths from vaccines are extremely rare.[quote comment=”219429″]Kids are dying from flu shots. [/quote]