Hoboken was NOT kept in dark about 18th St. Light Rail Station

More BS coming out of City Hall in Hoboken.

For one, Hoboken411 mentioned the possibility of an 18th Street Light Rail Station coming OVER ONE YEAR AGO (see original post below).

Now the “media” reports that “Hoboken was kept in the dark.” Not a chance. Perhaps the light bulb in the “back room” where the deal was discussed was blown. But this 18th Street Light Rail station was NO secret – especially to those “in the know” down at 1st & Washington. Let them keep feeding you BS. Heard it was nutritious…

NJ Light Rail Ignorance or Lies from Hoboken NJ

Would an 18th Street light rail stop benefit Hoboken?


There’s been chatter in Hoboken about a new NJ Light Rail stop being built eventually near 18th Street just to our north in neighboring Weehawken.

With all the “proposed” high-density development from the Rockefeller Group being discussed, one may argue that it’s a good idea – one, to encourage the use of mass transit, and give alternate means of transportation once the area is densely populated.

Others may argue that along with the density, comes the natural risk that “undesirables” will use the access point to perpetrate crimes in Hoboken (which has been proven ever since the 2nd Street and especially the 9th Street stations went into use.)

What do you think? More light rail stops? Will it help the Hoboken economy?