Trader Joe’s Rumors abound in Hoboken, NJ

The Trader Joe’s chatter has picked up once again in Hoboken.

With the Hoboken population swelling – and lines growing longer at all supermarkets in town – it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more of a food selection, right?

As of now, we have two spots in particular that are at the top of the list.

Hopefully, one of them will pan out!

Willow14 supposedly signed lease already with Trader Joe’s

We heard from sources that Advance Realty, the developer of the Willow14 project actually already signed Trader Joe’s on as their major tenant at this site.

However, questions remain if the site will be developed according to their original plans (six stories of underground parking, etc.) As you know this site has been plagued with “quality of life” issues as toxins get removed. Hoboken residents have been complaining to deaf ears of politicians about the toxic fumes emanating each week.

Maxwell Place also a possible Trader Joe’s site

This latest buzz may not be as credible as the 14th & Willow site, as much of it has come from local construction workers and nearby businesses – but the newest Maxwell Place building is massive, and would be a prime spot for a Trader Joe’s.

Area residents would also welcome the competition, being an excellent alternative to what some say is an “over-priced” King’s Supermarket a block away. We’ll see!