Should permits be required to park strollers in Hoboken?

First off – most people I know (who are awake), don’t really approve of the majority of “permits” required to live your daily lives in any city. They consider them nothing more that “hidden taxes” and simply just redirect money from people to the various (and bloated) government agencies – and don’t necessarily add any value to this world.

But seeing how practically everything in Hoboken demands permits (parking, sidewalk cafes, dogs, etc.) – why not just add these monstrosities to the list? Now that baby strollers approaching the size of hybrid cars, they look like they’re becoming nuisances when gathered en masse, sort of like at this daycare facility uptown. The stroller SUV’s plus the construction scaffolding make the path narrow, and cause disruptions. Shouldn’t all of these facilities be required to have room inside for them?