Snowy Hoboken Charm signs on 100 degree days

Normally, a sensible marketing plan incorporates “thinking ahead.” And when it comes to public signage, you either make “all purpose” visuals that can be used all year, or you have “seasonal” signs which are changed based on the corresponding time of year.

You know those “Let’s Keep The Hoboken Charm” signs? Those are obviously “seasonal” signs – and it proves the city didn’t plan ahead (they’re not good at it). These “snowy” winter holiday signs are still up – even on 100 degree days like the typical annual heat wave we had last month. In the middle of the summer.

It’s quite possible this whole “marketing” effort got botched because the people that were originally commissioned to create the “public image,” got kicked to the curb when the Mayor learned that they had political aspirations of their own in Hoboken this coming November. Another blatant example of the short-sighted (and spiteful) buffoons currently running in circles at city hall.

If you can’t nail this no-brainer project with dignity and professionalism, how can you be trusted for more important things?

Hoboken Charm snow sign on 100 degree heat wave brilliant

Inconsiderate stroller-pushers in Hoboken?

1/18/2013 Update:

One Hoboken411 reader sent in a photo response to this post – specifically citing the stroller armies that exist in Hoboken.

She said: “I understand that baby strollers are a necessary part in raising and transporting your child around Hoboken. But that does not mean there is no room for common sense in the equation. Why anyone (stroller moms, nannies) feel the need to walk SIDE BY SIDE at all times is incomprehensible! Do these ladies think that they will die because one person is ahead or behind another? Common courtesy would suggest that in order to share the sidewalk and allow traffic to flow without adjustment in both directions, that they think ahead. Every day I see stuffy people who only think about themselves.”

Do you ever almost get steam-rolled by strollers?

Letter: What Hoboken “Charm?”


One Hoboken411 resident was a bit miffed at these new “signs” peppered around town, which the city paid like $30k for – which read: “Hoboken? Let’s Keep The Charm!”

They said – “What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is it an “order” from the city? And exactly what charm? More drunks, double-wide strollers and extra-inept government?”

Not to mention the city cannot even MAINTAIN these signs – like this one picture below – which was probably made in China, and flopped to the ground weeks ago. It’s been peed on so many times by dogs (and probably drunks like this one) that it’s now considered a regular “spot” for many local pooches (including 411 Mascot Oscar).

Your property tax bucks at work again… charming.