CT Shooter NOT from Hoboken

Ryan Lanza to police: “Adam had personality disorder”


Ryan Lanza, 24, brother of gunman Adam Lanza, 20, told authorities that his younger brother is autistic, or has Asperger syndrome and a “personality disorder.” Neighbors described the younger man as “odd” and displaying characteristics associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Must be a tough time for Ryan – as not only did the original reports mis-identify him as the alleged perpetrator, but now he has a family tragedy to deal with.

Conflicting reports about CT Shooter


Eyewitness News now reports that 20-year old Adam Lanza was the shooter…

Gotta tell you that all this technology and instant communication makes things a lot more difficult to sort through.

Mass CT shooter Lanza from Hoboken, NJ?


Hoboken continues to spew bad news! Got reports just now that the shooter in Connecticut who killed 27 people was from Hoboken. The shooter was allegedly Ryan Lanza – and he apparently lived in the area on Grand Street between 13th & 14th.

Earlier reports said he allegedly also shot his father who also lives in Hoboken.

Here’s video from ABC News:

Here is a link to Ryan Lanza’s Facebook Account: (Which has subsequently been removed)

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  1. MidnightRacer says:

    There’s a difference between opinion, and law. If I said I like the Eagles, you can say you despise them, and say the Giants are the best. If the law restricts the government from infringing, entirely, against your natural law right to bear arms, it’s a matter of legal construct. A shall not is a ban against the government, not a (positive law) privilege given to the people. It’s not a matter of opinion, but the structure that makes the government criminal under U.S.C. Title 18, Chapter 13, and unconstitutional. You can try to say you disagree with me, but I’ve stated no opinion of my own with which you can disagree. It’s a matter of incorporation and the Supremacy Clause. To do otherwise is an open move that is illegal, even if the Congress passes it, the Executive signs it, and the courts twist to uphold it. It’s Null and Void if it does not adhere to the construct of the compact. Again, no opinion here with which to disagree.

    As to your movie theater scenario, yes, if you illegally ban all arms anywhere, there will be zero chance to protect your friend, loved ones, family and children in a theater, school, home, anywhere. The only ones then with arms would be the government, and people who mean to do you harm. There are many things which are banned, but are increasing in supply; drugs, illegal gambling, illegal everything.

    When the government banned alcohol, production and demand increased, and became more deadly. When Texas passed carry conceal, home invasions, robberies and such decreased.

  2. HansBrix says:

    Once I read in National Lampoon “guns don’t kill people knives do”

    Well, this isn’t satire: the Brits are introducing “stab proof knives”…


    “I have no idea if the design of the knife will prevent it from being used as a stabbing weapon, but it is apparently sharp enough to geld an entire nation.”

    I wonder how far down this slippery slope we’ll go.

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