Are Hoboken’s Waterfront Parks really “in peril?”

Next Tuesday, the Fund for a Better Waterfront (FBW) and the Eastern Environmental Law Center are holding a “Hoboken’s Waterfront Parks in Peril” fundraising event at the Elks Lodge (10th & Washington).

FBW has been “working overtime” to prevent property owners developing what they want on their land. FBW says “that would be disastrous for Hoboken and its waterfront:”

Did you know that local football heroes are chiming in as well?

Eli Manning donates and supports Hoboken waterfront

Even New York Giant Eli Manning and his wife Abby got involved. He’s donating a football:

“The Fund for a Better Waterfront has played an integral role in the planning, development and protection of Hoboken’s beautiful waterfront over the past twenty years. I’d like to see their success continue for many years to come.

They surely have my family’s support for their valuable efforts and we recommend that you support them at their upcoming fundraising event on Dec. 11, 2012 at the Hoboken Elks Club!

Sorry that I cannot be there but I am donating an autographed football to be auctioned off at this event.”

Eli & Abby Manning

The event is a costly $125 per person. Have fun if you choose to go!