North Hudson Sewerage to install massive outflow pipe in Hoboken

At the last city council meeting on November 28th, the city approved a temporary easement for North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

They’re apparently “expanding” the amount of sewage they can handle per day, but in the process – need to run a MASSIVE outflow pipe from the poop-processing-factory along the northern edge of town directly into the Hudson River.

This will also be close to the new open space coming to 1600 Park, which the city expects to be completed by March 2013. Would you want your kids playing near a stinky sewer pipe that North Hudson indemnified the city of all liability, including death and bodily injury?

Imagine what that new park will smell like each time we have a massive storm?

Hopefully they’ll have a new vending machine nearby that dispenses nose-plugs and bio-hazard suits. Blech.