Lackawanna Waiting Room reopens in Hoboken

The Lackawanna Train Terminal was one of the most badly damaged parts of town when Hurricane Sandy surged through Hoboken. And more so than physical damage, was the MOLD that invaded the space.

Even the new Lackawanna Food Court still has to be fully gutted and re-built according to NJ Transit Officials. There is still much work to do in the rest of the terminal (bathrooms, employee space, etc.), but they hope to finish all repairs in 2013.

A little ceremony is being held here at 4pm today.

Downtown businesses hurt worst by Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken

1/19/2013 Update:

If there’s one thing Hurricane Sandy did good in Hoboken – it’s that it showed you where NOT to open a business that is more prone to flooding than other areas in town. One of the hardest hit areas was 1st Street between Willow & Park.

Take a look at some of the shops still out of commission below.

Hoboken still recovering nearly 3 months after Sandy

In the photo gallery above:

  • Photo 1: The Tantaztic tanning salon is still undergoing renovations. Signs on the door indicated 2-3 months, and they apologized for the utter “inconvenience” of having pasty white skin in the winter.
  • Photo 2: Zin Home furniture and accessory store looks far from being completed. Their online store is still in operation and they say they’re “working” on the showroom.
  • Photo 3: I know people are dying for Filippo’s on First to re-open, but it still looks a ways away.
  • Photo 4: Arroyo’s Liquor store appears doomed – and is for rent. I hope the drunks don’t mind stumbling an extra few steps.
  • Photo 5: The HaHa Haven head shop doesn’t appear to be in good shape. Not sure if that will ever re-open (at least in that location).
  • Photo 6: This is too bad. Goodie Box – who makes cupcakes and all sorts of other baked goods to order (outside of Hoboken), had a little space here for kiddie parties and demonstrations. This got totally trashed. They’re not coming back here. Although the owner is considering an actual bake shop somewhere at some point in the future.
  • Photo 7: Nextage Realty had an office along First Street, too. Not much life within those walls at the moment.
  • Photo 8: International freight forwarding company LogFret undergoing complete renovation. No worries though, this is just one of 190 offices they have worldwide. They’ll survive.
  • Photo 9: And lastly – the Animal Infirmary of Hoboken essentially underwent total interior gut job and renovation. They’re almost done. And to imagine some buildings haven’t even been able to get their elevators operational? Not so bad!

Hopefully, Hoboken will be 100% at some point in 2013.

PATH in Hoboken set to resume 24 hour service in January

1/3/2013 Update:

Looks like the PATH service in Hoboken should resume the traditional 24 hour service commuters and residents long took for granted.

The Port Authority said that within the next week or two, round-the-clock service will be restored. However, note that this weekend, service from Hoboken will be suspended again to allow for repairs to continue.

I’ll be downtown businesses can’t wait till everything is back to normal!

Hoboken Clearview Cinemas to reopen on December 21st

12/17/2012 Update:

Good news, movie lovers!

Hoboken Clearview Cinemas will be back in business this Friday, December 21st. We’ll update the list of movies once we know what they are. Maybe they should show a few Xmas classics?

Hoboken post-Sandy recovery update for December 6, 2012

Hoboken commuters are still dealing with the frustration during commutes to and from NYC, since the PATH station has been closed due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Port Authority said tonight that they’re cutting service during the weekends in order to complete the repairs faster. Not sure I liked the use of their word “hasten,” which causes concern they might cut corners… I’ll wait a few weeks after it’s restored to press my luck in the tunnel at 60mph. Read on below.

Port Authority attempts to “speed up” Hoboken service restoration

Changes to PATH weekend service will hasten post-Sandy storm repairs…

“Seeking to return PATH rail service to Hoboken as quickly as possible, the Port Authority will run weekend service only on the Newark Penn Station-World Trade Center line for the next two weekends, allowing crews to proceed unimpeded with post-Hurricane Sandy repair time.

While the Port Authority crews already are working 24/7 to make expedited return of at least partial PATH service a top priority where safely possible during the week and weekends, repair time proceeds significantly faster when power to third-rails can be turned off and trains are not running in construction zones.

Each weekend of suspended service will provide PATH crews with 48 hours or more of uninterrupted work time, which in turn will shave as much as five or more days off of the recovery schedule.

PATH trains will ONLY operate between New Jersey and New York only on the Newark-WTC line from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 8-9) and next Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 15-16).”

Hoboken post-Sandy recovery update for December 4, 2012

Here are some recent updates regarding recovery in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy:

  • Clearview Cinemas hopes to reopen before the end of 2012. They said: “Clearview’s Hoboken Cinemas suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy. We are working feverishly on refurbishing the theatre in an effort to open our doors again in time for the holidays. Please check Clearview’s website at for updated information. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving the Hoboken community again soon. Thank you.”
  • And some exciting news – new favorite Italian restaurant San Giuseppe uptown is hoping to be ready to open by this weekend. We certainly cannot wait!
  • And lastly – it seems like we lost retail t-shirt shop Solid Threads on First Street. They got trashed after the storm – and from what I understand, have moved only their online and wholesale operation to another location in Hoboken. No word whether they’ll be back. If you enjoy their shirts and you’d still like to support them, head over to

Hoboken post-Sandy recovery update for November 30, 2012

Some brief Hoboken updates:

  • PATH Service from Hoboken is said to be back “within weeks” – which would be a blessing for downtown bars if it gets back before New Years. All lines that are running still have limited hours.
  • As we told you earlier – the ShopRite looks like late February or early March before it’ll re-open.
  • Carpe Diem will re-open at 5pm tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st. Great news, and much sooner than they originally anticipated!
  • Nag’s Head re-opened a couple days ago.
  • And Trends Boutique is having their 2 year anniversary party tonight from 6-9pm. Spend $50 and get a free makeover from a professional makeup artist. Look good tonight, ladies!

Hoboken post-Sandy recovery update for November 15, 2012

A few updates regarding various items in Hoboken:

  • PATH Service to WTC will be back before December – but only from Newark! No light at the end of the tunnel for the Hoboken station. Oh, and the Christopher St. station will open up at limited capacity starting Saturday (weekends only)
  • West Five Supper Club has now re-opened, and The Turning Point uptown will re-open at 8am on Saturday.
  • The Madison Bar changed their free parking program. No longer will you park in the ProPark garage uptown, but rather the Little Man garage at 12th & Shipyard. Three hours free parking with validation. Make a mental note of that! (And don’t drink & drive!)
  • Last but not least, this probably has less to do with Hurricane Sandy and more with the fledgling economy. Anastasia’s Accessories is closing down for good in the next few weeks. They may have had damage, but places like this are usually the first to fall when there’s a big financial crisis. The last thing people need are highly marked up tchochtke’s that serve almost zero function. Even at their going out of business sale prices, they’re still probably 800% over-priced. Oh well.