Letter: Zimmer focused too much on media time

One Hoboken resident felt compelled to share their thoughts about how our city turned Hurricane Sandy more into a media debacle over truly helping residents:

Using Hurricane Sandy just for publicity?

“What struck me over this entire episode with Hurricane Sandy is how our Mayor Dawn Zimmer plastered her face from coast to coast over national TV telling the entire world that we are a flooding City.

You did not see another Mayor in the surrounding cities broadcasting how devastated their city was. Good way for a media hog to get publicity, but a bad way to represent a City.”

A savvy Mayor quietly does his job, in helping their residents. Dawn takes photo opportunities on rescue trucks, I would like to know how many people were not saved as she monopolized the truck for her photo op?

She single-handedly devastated the financial backbone of this City, never mind what Sandy did. How many real estate deals, businesses, people moving into the City have been canceled out. Now that our Mayor has gone global with the information out of her selfish egotistical behavior, we will feel the loss from her antics for many years to come.

In her defense it was said she did this as a way to get the help we needed.

However, other cities got the same help, all it took was a phone call, no media time.

A true leader should think about “how are my actions going to effect my City,” weigh the possible ramifications positive and negative before acting ?

Unfortunately, as you know what we have here is someone who is so blinded by self promotion with no regard to the result of her actions and claims no responsibility.

The true heroes are our residents.”