Hoboken apartments after Hurricane Sandy: Winners & Losers?

We’ve heard some horror stories about certain managed properties in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy.

Some Hoboken buildings suffered – while others thrived

1000 Jefferson had some serious issues – along with other places such as 800 Madison Street who were trying to charge residents for partial months rent because they were unable to move out due to the fierce flooding from the storm.

It’s unfortunate that anyone had to deal with additional headaches on top of the obvious struggles mother nature dealt our fair city.

However, some buildings did much better than others. Hoboken resident Kerene detailed how lucky they were over at the Shipyard complex:

“I have heard horror stories, too. I happen to live at 2 Constitution and the staff was actually bringing us coffee. We had an elevator working at all times powered by generator. I am finding there were not too many buildings like this. Not a single staff member missed a shift.”

While they obviously didn’t have the same destructive flooding – they were without power for many days.

Was your building a winner or a loser after Hurricane Sandy?