Hoboken Rent Control reaches final day – plus sign battle

The Hoboken Rent Control Debate has been bizarre, interesting and odd.

Bizarre, because of the confusing wording that has turned the real debate into “we need to explain this confounding public question to you better…” rather than focusing on the true matters at hand. And to this day – because of the “yes” and “no” confusion – I bet no more people understand the question than when it was first published.

And interesting – because this last push to election day, there’s been an peculiar “sign battle” on street poles around town. The Mile Square Taxpayers Association (who wants you to vote YES in order to curtail the outdated law to become more balanced) posted signs supporting their argument.

Meanwhile, Zimmer supporters who want to continue the obsolete law (for political purposes only), have been defacing their oppositions signs with magic marker – and taping their own (illegal) signs above them. This immature battle for street sign dominance just confuses the laymen even more!

This whole sign battle is odd – because the vandalism to the MSTA’s signs is sort of funny. While all street pole advertising is banned under city law – it kind of makes the vandalism a moot point. But the pro-rent control people then add their own illegal advertising. Sort of a red-light district of desperation. I doubt those poles make a damn bit of difference to anyone – because the 2012 General Election Ballot is like reading an encyclopedia, and they probably won’t get an accurate vote one way or another.

We’ll see what happens.