Here’s a little update on the progress at this park on 15th Street.

“Feel good” blurb from the city website:

Mayor David Roberts was on hand to survey the new Hoboken Cove Park. Coming soon to 15 th & Park Avenue, this park area will provide an open ball field along with a state of the art playground for youngsters. Public parking is also available in the new Park On Park garage across the street. The play area marks the completion of another phase of the Hoboken Cove Park open space that will add even more to the great quality of life in our City. This project is an element of Mayor Roberts’s effort to add 17 new acres of open space for both active and passive use.”


Progress being made on the kiddie playground near Harborside Lofts, right next to highly trafficked Park Ave.

I’ve overheard some residents really dislike these run-of-the-mill playgrounds that are popping up all over town. While others feel that some of the existing playgrounds/parks really need to be re-designed with the changing demographic in Hoboken.