Spooky Halloween in Hoboken

Damage widespread in Hoboken, NJ after Hurricane Sandy

Below are a couple more photo galleries of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind in Hoboken.

This one was taken earlier today – at various spots uptown and along the waterfront. Judging by a few of the “debris fields,” the “breaching” of the Hudson definitely wasn’t the main cause of the flooding in Hoboken. It was our combined sewer system that just injected water from the river directly into our neighborhoods. Makes you think that many areas in this town just should never have been developed…

Hurricane Sandy deals big blow to central Hoboken, NJ

The following photos were taken in the heart of Hoboken – and flood waters ravaged countless buildings and trapped many residents inside their homes.

Even feral cats had a tough time!

Be careful out there!

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2 Comments on "Spooky Halloween in Hoboken"

3 years 3 months ago

I couldn’t agree more! Mayor Zimmer was not prepared to say the least. I’m a hobo resident for over a decade and have never seen the city so unprepared. We should have been told to evacuate, even if voluntarily. Trust me…I Would have gladly gone to be safe and oh still have a car. Put my car in a city lot…funny by Sunday all garages were occupied and now my car is floating downtown. Again, if some guidance was given by our leader, Mayor Zimmer, then we wouldn’t be trapped in raw sewage. Luckily, I was able to hop into… Read more »

joey maxim
3 years 3 months ago

hobo..no debate..you didn’t need City Hall to alert you of the impending danger..You had the merchant of chaios aka the media and your laptop showing the grid as well as 411 to forwarn you..even lyndhurst is without power bayonne as well as of now..People want to relocate to hoboken for ulterior motives..commute to nyc,bistros,parks etc .since day one of the inception of hoboken prior to the horsechit 150 years old..300 years ago the dutch and germans were here and delt with it..below sea level..Even the area where the mayor resides is proberly flooded..the west side always and will have floods..water… Read more »