Do you think the Presidential election is rigged?

The 2012 United States Presidential Election is two weeks away – and many people I’ve spoken with have a feeling that the whole process can and might just be a big scam.

For one, The Daily Caller spotted that one local network news channel had a graphic that already had “election results” on the screen for several seconds:

Mysterious Absentee Voters

Take a look at the Civitas Institute of North Carolina website, where they check out absentee voter turnout.

They noticed over 2600 people who were over 110 years old – including some 134, 239 and 247 years old!

What about the military? Who’s counting?

There has been some controversy regarding a foreign company that will be handling some of the absentee balloting for many states.

Scytl will be handling military votes overseas for nine states: New York, Washington, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi and Indiana.

Additionally, there may have been a shortage of military votes received because deadline dates were incorrectly disseminated. Regardless, the military votes are down by a staggering number. Why, exactly?

Do you trust the system?