Spider-man has unreliable transportation in Hoboken

I still can’t get over how we have some nutty folks that love wearing costumes in and around Hoboken. The latest, being this Spider-man dude who (sometimes) rides around on a ridiculously small red scooter.

He seems to have bad luck with it, though – as he’s always walking the busted thing home. I bet you he’s wishing the entire time he could be a real Spider-man and shoot webs, etc.

Hoboken Spiderman has an issue with his mini scooter on 14th Street spider-man

World is about to end – more Hoboken superhero spottings


Something must be in the water since the number of costumed men riding around in Hoboken seems to be going up.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this latest curious character? Besides the skin-tight Spider-Man costume, this kook also rides around on the 2nd smallest motorized scooter known to man. Doesn’t the helmet law apply to him too? Or is that only bikes with 50cc or larger engines?

Anyway – I love reminding people to take watch this awesome HBO documentary Superheroes for a look at the zany people behind the masks.