Does Hoboken sidewalk advertising bother you?

Hoboken411 reader JC shares his thoughts about some guerrilla marketing that was used for a recent (for-profit) event:

“This image is of an ad for the Hoboken Comedy Festival, spray-painted on the sidewalk outside of Maroon Cafe (7th & Willow). There is a similar ad painted within the bus stop shelter nearby.

Though I have not seen others in addition to those at 7th & Willow, one must assume there are similar paintings spread around town. They didn’t create the stencil to only paint two. I am all for events like the Festival and feel they create a “vibe” in Hoboken.

I do not support defacing property in a permanent fashion (even a sidewalk) to promote what is a privately-managed, for-profit event.

Where does the line gets drawn (pun intended) and what prevents other groups or events from promoting in similar fashion?”