Drinking Liberally opens chapter in Hoboken, NJ

I personally think alcohol and politics don’t mix well, but one liberal drinking group disagrees. Drinking Liberally announced that they’ve opened up a chapter here in Hoboken – and you can find out more during the Presidential Debate next Wednesday, October 3rd at 7pm at the Hoboken Bar & Grill (230 Washington St.)

They have over 230 indoctrination zones chapters across the country. Here’s what they’re all about:

“An informal, inclusive progressive social group. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don’t need to be a policy expert and this isn’t a book club – just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it’s not taboo to talk politics.”

What does “Liberal” mean to you these days?