Do American flags on highway overpasses offend anyone?

If you get out and ever drive on highways around New Jersey – you’ll surely notice a LOT of U.S. Flags attached to overpasses. Like the one pictured below on Route 78.

Not sure of the exact origin of when this started – but apparently a bunch of Veterans all over the country started doing this as a show of American Pride after September 11, 2001.

One local Jersey guy ex-Marine Nick Sant Foster out of Basking Ridge has a website dedicated to the craft: – and he handles about 100 such flags along the highway, and spends about $800 a year to maintain them (he asks for donations on his website.)

Most state DOT’s technically have regulations that prohibit such displays, regardless of how patriotic they are. But in most cases, they look the other way.

But recently – states have begun cracking down on American Pride – like in Minnesota, Maryland, California, Massachusetts – ordering them to be removed (citing BS reasons like “safety concerns.”)

Is it unpatriotic to “rule” that these flags should be removed?