Hoboken Teachers benefits yanked

One Hoboken411 reader who is a teacher here in town submitted this letter to the Editor for your consideration. They feel that Hoboken parents should know what’s going on – and how their children’s teachers are being treated.

Letter: Hoboken Teachers are poorly treated

“I am writing to inform you of the recent situations that have been going on within the Hoboken Catapult Learning community.

I am, and have been for a while, a dedicated teacher in Hoboken. As the upcoming year came to a start, I was looking forward (as I do every year) to my favorite week. The week of re-opening my classroom door! This is the time that I create a personal, loving, and welcoming environment for my new students. Unfortunately, the Friday before I was to report to work I was informed that there had been “contractual issues between the Hoboken Board of Education and Catapult Learning.”

Soon after, I had learned through the Hoboken Board of Ed website, not Catapult, that there was indeed no issue with the H.B.O.E. Thinking all issues were resolved I finally returned to my classroom with one day to set up. The next unfortunate event was brought to our attention through a “rumor” that benefits were being terminated. Thinking this could not possibly be true, we went to our directors. This in fact was true and on top of it we were not being offered Cobra.

Next, after working several days and asking for our contracts we were finally issued them. We were again surprised and devastated to read that our salaries were once again the same, after told last year we would “definitely” be getting them. To add to our frustrations we had found out the other two providers had received their raises. When all is said and done, I absolutely love working for the Abbott program in the Hoboken school district. I have spoken nothing but amazing words of the curriculum and experience given within this community.

I sincerely do not think that Catapult Learning is representing Hoboken Board of Education in a positive image.”