Who’s taking care of the Midtown Garage in Hoboken?

Since that sexual assault at the Midtown Garage earlier this month – Hoboken police have added this location to their regular “detail checks.”

Officers patrolling the building have repeatedly reported that some the stairwells are in disrepair. Like broken lights that caused potentially dangerous pitch-black areas, filthy urine stench and even stolen fire extinguishers. They said that they’ve notified HPU, who is responsible for this location, but HPU just pointed the finger at the company they hired to manage the complex.

Hoboken411 checked it out yesterday and confirmed the broken lights and missing equipment. We didn’t get assaulted, though – because we were armed with eight paws, two tails and lots of sharp teeth.

Woman attacked at Hoboken parking garage near HUMC


Last week – a woman was attacked in the midtown parking garage next to Hoboken University Medical Center. Why you didn’t hear about this anywhere else is because the city does NOT want you to know – and is afraid of any bad reputation the city hospital gets, and the lack of control they have over homeless, and inadequate security in place at that garage. Read on for more…

Attempted rape at Hoboken midtown parking garage

One Hoboken411 reader with knowledge of this event said:

“There was an attempted rape in the south stairwell of the midtown parking garage last week. A nurse who works at the hospital finished her shift at 3PM in the afternoon and she was attacked by a homeless man.

This homeless man, who may or may not be mentally unstable is said to be living inside the garage. The homeless man choked and attempted to rape this nurse but luckily she was able to get away unharmed. The Hoboken Police have a detective looking into the matter.

As a female Hoboken resident who pays to park in the midtown garage I think it’s important that the word gets out about this so that people are aware of the situation. There are no signs in the garage for people to be alert etc. and I think that patrons of the garage have a right to know what’s going on, especially the women.”

Let’s see what the city does to keep their own garages safe.