Fire at Hoboken Charter School

Is Hoboken Charter School fire finally out?

12:00pm Update: Hoboken Fire Department now says “most of the fire is knocked down,” with a few “hot spots” left. Whether those hot spots turn into big pockets of fire once again remains to be seen. North Hudson Regional Fire Department and one company from Jersey City finally arrived. It’s about time, neighbors!

We predict that this school year will be a pain in the neck, as the nearly 200 kids will have to be relocated to other schools in the district. This building could take many months to fix – if it’s not completely gutted.

Additional companies requested – Stubborn Hoboken Charter School fire

11:45am update: HFD is asking for more fire companies – as the fire is proving to be difficult to extinguish entirely.

HFD dispatch said that would be difficult, as the nearest FD (North Bergen) is “working with their own fire.”

Outlook bleak for the Hoboken Charter School if they can’t get it under control…

Fire now coming through roof of Hoboken Charter School

11:38am Update: HFD should used the phrase “fire knocked down” a little more carefully when battling blazes in older structures. Apparently now fire rekindled, and is between the 3rd & 4th Floors as well as two holes in the roof.

If this continues, it’ll be a big problem for the charter school – not only where to teach the kids – but how much damage will be sustained in total – and whether the building will need to be gutted or demolished.

Also – emergency officials are trying to track the kids like cattle, as they’re spread out at various churches and parks. Buses are being sent to corral the children to bring them to the Multi-service center and get a final count. Around 180 kids in total attend this school.

“Heavy Fire” resurfaces on 4th Floor of Hoboken Charter School

11:27am Update: HFD is reporting heavy fire once again on the 4th Floor D-Side (which is the right side). They’re bringing in water lines from the rear – and trying to vent the building. The older structures in Hoboken are always harder to extinguish, and seem to burn on forever…

Hoboken Charter School fire produces surreal photo

11:15am Update: All kids were evacuated safely – and another three firemen reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The most peculiar photo resulted, however, Hoboken resident Mike snapped a few photos but captured four blimps in the background as smoke was coming from the school. When do you ever see that many blimps around (other than near a Hoboken bar on Friday nights)?

Again – glad no one was serious hurt and the main fire was knocked down – however, HFD is still reporting pockets of black smoke (on the “D side” of the building)

Hoboken Charter School Fire – kids evacuated, firemen injured

As Hoboken411 first reported today – a working fire broke out during the school day at the Hoboken Charter School located at 713 Washington Street. Heavy smoke conditions is making for a difficult blaze to manage – but the fire was reportedly “knocked down” at 10:53am.

Hoboken Resident John wrote Hoboken411 and said that “the teachers did a great job” handling a calm and organized evacuation with the children. Some kids were sporadically located in area parks, while the official relocation center was determined to be the Multi Service Center at 124 Grand Street.

Two firefighters were reportedly overcome by smoke and needed ambulatory care – and were taken to area hospitals.

HPD is still working on “hot spots” and is ensuring the fire is completely out – and will remain on scene for at least several hours. Washington Street is a mess, and is closed in both directions between 7th and 8th. Plan your route accordingly.

Good job to everyone involved for preventing a colossal disaster.

Fire at Hoboken Charter School – 713 Washington

Hoboken Fire Department is battling a blaze at the Hoboken Charter School located at 713 Washington Street that started around 10:20am today.

Thick heavy black smoke was reported coming from the 2nd floor and “coming from the rafters.” Many city units are on scene closing area streets. NJ Transit was notified to re-route buses.

Children are being evacuated as well… more coming…

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19 Comments on "Fire at Hoboken Charter School"

3 years 5 months ago

Good job again HFD, but I smell double the fundraisers coming soon. Can imagine that the schools insurance policy will cover most if not all the damage.

3 years 5 months ago

Great job HFD and teachers for their organized evacuation.

3 years 5 months ago

Word is that the evacuation went so well that many children didn’t even know why they were being led to the meeting points.[quote comment=”217004″]Great job HFD and teachers for their organized evacuation.[/quote]

3 years 5 months ago

The fire department performs perfectly on some buildings but amateurish on others. Are they not equipped or trained enough? And didn’t the school have sprinklers?

joey maxim
3 years 5 months ago

camelL2 are you a fire inspector or just traveling through town as they say on gunsmoke.
wasn’t the 5 story bldg across from mc donalds large enough with two companies out of
town to assist jersey city??? wow..wasn’t today the first day of school..thank God for the kids and first responders..[quote comment=”217006″]The fire department performs perfectly on some buildings but amateurish on others. Are they not equipped or trained enough? And didn’t the school have sprinklers?[/quote]

3 years 5 months ago

Who will get blamed for negligence is what I’m thinking about.

3 years 5 months ago

Well, Hoboken does not have an actual Fire Inspector, just a guy with a big stamp that says “Cigarette”[quote comment=”217008”]Who will get blamed for negligence is what I’m thinking about.[/quote]

3 years 5 months ago

I work in the construction field in NYC and live in Hoboken, so I am not sure what the exact codes are in Hoboken but I can imagine that they are similar to NYC (which has the toughest codes in the country/world). Old buildings in the city are not all equipped with sprinkler/fire suppression systems. Only after 9/11 did it become mandatory that all buildings have fire suppression systems; they have until 2019 to have these systems implemented. It would not surprise me to hear that there was no such system in the Charter School. Frankie, because of this, no… Read more »