Rusty Hoboken buildings?

How reliable are rusty construction materials?

If you walk uptown, you’ll see a Toll Brothers staging area for the latest phase of the Maxwell Place construction. They stored materials like reinforcing bars (rebar) for quite a long time, and in all sorts of weather conditions (the feral cats loved ’em though..)

Was wondering – doesn’t rust cause weakness in steel? Perhaps this is just another part of the planned obsolescence conspiracy so they can demolish and build again a few decades from now?

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  1. R1100R says:

    Perfectly fine. You are making something out of nothing-AGAIN.

  2. chrisjur says:

    Absolutely no issues whatsoever…

  3. prag says:

    I think I saw a porno staring a guy named “Rusty Rebar” once…

  4. Craig-D says:

    It’s just surface corrosion that does not negatively impact the reinforcing strength of the rebar. Keep in mind that rebar is not bearing any weight load. It’s purpose is not weight load reinforcement, but rather reinforcing concrete’s tensile (or pulling) load, which is an inherent weakness in concrete. It is actually better for the rebar to rust before it’s inserted in the concrete. Because if it starts to rust after encasement in concrete, what happens is the rust takes up greater volume than the steel from which it was formed, causing severe internal pressure on the surrounding concrete. This leads to cracking, spalling, and ultimately, structural failure. It’s basic construction 101.

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