Hoboken is on some CNN lists – who really cares?

The old-fashioned media game of “annual lists” is OVER in my opinion. They might have meant something at one point in time – but this author feels the racket is done, and these lists are total time wasters. They’re used just to generate traffic, sell magazines, manipulate readers, or whatever. People have been gobbling this stuff up for decades – and some may actually think it means something still today.

I hate linking to them – but for the purpose of this article – here they are:

Question (or disregard) ALL rankings from “Mainstream Media”

20 years ago – there were around 50 major media corporations (papers, magazines, TV, radio, publishers, news agencies, movie studios, etc.).

Today? There are FIVE. That’s right, the number 5. And it’s one big system to control the brainwashed public.

CNN is part of AOL Time Warner – one of the WORST. Even though hardly anyone with a brain watches CNN or believes what they report – pretty much ANYTHING that comes out of AOL Time Warner should be ignored.

Did you know that AOL Time Warner has 292 (two hundred and ninety two) separate companies and subsidiaries? And you will watch – as politics gets even more attention as we creep towards November – that everything AOL owns will have that liberal propaganda spewing from it (including HuffPo, Time Magazine, HBO shows, and more).

It’s scary to see what reach these monoliths have – gently telling the lemmings what is popular, what to believe, and how to act.

Meanwhile – while we’re enjoying our “top ranking” of zero tangible value – Hoboken’s school system is near the BOTTOM OF NJ!

Sure, some people may feel it’s “nice” that Hoboken gets a mention – and may enjoy the subject as a water cooler talking point with their colleagues. But when you wake up (and you should wake up soon), you’ll realize that you shouldn’t even pay attention to these polls especially when they come from mainstream media. Plain and simple!

Enjoy your “Top 10″ Labor Day Weekend, Hoboken!