Pedestrian struck – by CITY vehicle!

203 Washington St., a pedestrian was hit by a white city pickup truck (vehicle number 3510). The truck left the scene, and police are now asking for the man to return (since they knew the truck ID number.)

Apparently they’re having a tough time ID-ing that number.. but witnesses are certain the truck said “City of Hoboken” on it.

Update: They’ve now said it is vehicle number “139”.

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  1. hoboken411 says:

    Here’s another update from New Dirty Dot Scum:

    Read on if you are having trouble sleeping and want to take a nap.

    Update on Parks Department hit-and-run

    Hoboken police told us yesterday that there was “no hanky-panky” involved when a man claimed he was struck by a Parks Department truck in a hit-and-run off Washington.

    As you read here first, Sam Bilotta, 41, said he was hit from behind by a white ‘City of Hoboken’ pickup last Thursday at Second and Washington. Bilotta said Hoboken police refused to write a report on the incident and he accused them of covering it up to protect the city.

    “This was a city vehicle that caused a hit and run and for some reason the driver can’t be found and I can’t get a police report,” said Bilotta. “I want him arrested for a hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident. If this was me I would’ve been dragged down and arrested. I know what’s going on here and it’s dirty.”

    Not so, said Sgt. Mike Costello of Hoboken PD. Lt. William Montanez – who responded to Bilotta – got injured (back spasms) the day after the hit-and-run incident. He was able to turn the report in by late Wednesday afternoon, according to Costello. (Although Bilotta said he called Wednesday afternoon and was told by police they still had no report.)

    “We wouldn’t cover up for anybody, naturally. There was no hanky-panky involved, no foul play,” said Costello.

    So Bilotta got his report about a week after the incident happened. Maybe Montanez really was sick. Or maybe HPD just got moving once local media and City Hall found out. Either way, a city vehicle allegedly hit a man and then left the scene of an accident. Only in Hoboken.

  2. strand tramp says:

    so what happened to the driver?

  3. tullipsandlillies says:

    $50 bucks says: The truck #139 miraculously turns into truck #9. According to the story this guy said the passenger shuck his head, OK, can’t we have him identify this employee? This city employee probably doesn’t even have a drivers’ license; hence, the cover-up. I’ll add another $50 the city settles this out of court for @ 50k in installments (of course). They think the guy is “a walking law suit” because of his previous back injury. I’m telling you, these trucks are used as a taxi service as well. It’s disgusting and should be handled at once!! How can you just sit back on this? It’s an embarrassment. Things like this really annoy me. Sure there are people who are looking for a quick buck, but, this guy was really hit with witnesses. I’m sure a police officer can’t cover this up, it has to come from a “higher authority”. I really would like to have a follow-up about this story. This town has just become too damn congested. You can’t drive because pedestrians don’t follow the rules and you can’t walk because the drivers’ do not follow the laws and they wanted PEDI CABS. Are you effin’ serious? I have known many city employees in my day, and must say just walking by our City Hall is disgusting. (Not all) are rude, think they have persmission to do what they want, un-educated and really should have a dress code enforced. These people look like either street walkers or plain homeless people. We need a WHOLE NEW REGIME!!! I say 411 for manyor. On a serious note: I hope this gentlemen is Ok and hope he gets whatever it is he wants. 👿

  4. Colonblow says:

    I know. Is there an update?

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