Navy blimp monitoring area skies

Navy blimp flying around Hudson River and NYC – why?

For the past couple days – a enormous Navy blimp has been milling around the NYC area.

Anyone know why? What tactical purpose does this blimp serve… Is it the “Mama Drone?”

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3 years 5 months ago

It could be part of Airforce week which ends today.

3 years 5 months ago

It IS indeed a spyship. I’m sorry i didnt get a chance to see for myself. The Navy just invested $517 Mil on this new toy (the MZ-3A) to be used as a high altitude observation platform with lots of fun stuff inside. It is stationed down in Lakehurst and is currently in the testing phase. The like the blimp because it stays up in the air for longer periods of time and doesn’t require a runway to land. It was on the news not too long ago. [quote comment=”216825″]It could be part of Airforce week which ends today.[/quote] [quote… Read more »