Occupy vs. Tea Party Debate Tonight at Willie McBride’s in Hoboken

In case you’re interested in what two local residents have to say about both the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Tea Party” movements, then head over to Willie McBride’s (616 Grand Street) tonight from 8pm to 10pm. More below…

The Great Debate: Occupy Wall Street Vs. The Tea Party

Billed as the “intellectual throw-down of the decade,” two Hoboken debaters will state their cases starting at 8pm tonight.

The debaters:

  • Ben Case – is an Occupy Wall Street opinion leader as well as a member of the Organization for a Free Society. Born and raised in Hoboken, he now lives in Jersey City.
  • Josh Einstein – is a conservative and self-described Tea Partier. He writes for SaveJersey.com and has lived in Hoboken for 6 years.

Which side are you on?