Batman is “Offbeat” in Hoboken

Not sure how long most of you have lived in Hoboken – but if you remember the first time you saw the Hoboken Batman Marlon Rodriguez many years ago – it was certainly novel and a bit different than the usual scene around town here.

As the horn honking became so frequent (incessant), it didn’t really matter how noble his story was (i.e., poor immigrant). Many local residents living along the main drag in town who saw him enough times started realizing that dressing up like a fictional cartoon super-hero on a daily basis might not be your best long-term aspiration in life.

But in the end – “to each their own,” I suppose.

That said, New Jersey City University student Marco Vidal made a short documentary about Marlon and his Batman shtick. His life-long dream to be Batman, his plight in Cuba, and some videos around Hoboken (like Church Square Park and Washington St.)

Take a look if you’d like to see what makes Batman “tick!”