Armed robbery near Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ

Police at Stevens Institute sent out this warning about a crime that happened yesterday near 6th Street.

The phone number listed is Stevens Police, but everyone should always have memorized the Hoboken PD as well (201)420-2100faster than calling 911.

The Hoboken Police Department reported an armed robbery (gunpoint) of a female (non-Stevens) which occurred on 6th Street & Sinatra Drive at around 12:20 am on July 17, 2012. According to the victim, a vehicle pulled up alongside of her as she was walking on Sinatra Drive. A male passenger described as being a dark skinned male, approximately 5’10, 160-170 lbs with facial hair on his chin and thin mustache wearing a white T-shirt and a beaded necklace (orange/reddish in color), exited the passenger side of the vehicle and displayed a silver colored handgun while demanding her IPhone and pocketbook.

The victim described the vehicle as a Gold colored 4 door, possibly late 90’s or early 2000 model Ford Taurus or Toyota Camry with a partial New Jersey license plate number (first three digits) of “V28”. After taking the proceeds, the actor re-entered the vehicle and fled North on Sinatra. The victim was unharmed and the unknown actor is still being sought by the Hoboken Police Department. Stevens Police are working closely with the HPD to assist and monitor the progress of their investigation.

The Stevens Police wishes to remind the community of the following:

  1. If possible, do not walk alone at night. Walk in groups and in well-lit areas.
  2. Do not try to fight an armed assailant. Your valuables can easily be replaced. You can’t replace a life.
  3. iPhones are a desired item for thieves. Do not walk late at night with white earphones dangling from your ears. Aside from drawing attention to yourself, you are less likely to be aware of your surroundings due to the music playing in your ears thus making it easier for a robber to sneak-up on you.
  4. Do not hesitate to contact Campus Police if you need an escort to and from campus during late evening hours.
  5. If you see something suspicious, report it immediately to (201) 216-3911.