Drunk chick can’t see building

DWI “lady” crashes into Hoboken building downtown

At around 12:40am this morning, a 46 year old female (who doesn’t reside in Hoboken) allegedly crashed her vehicle into a building on 2nd Street downtown after leaving a parking garage.

Hoboken Police immediately suspected heavy drinking and ordered a team to the scene of the accident to administer a field sobriety test.

Based on what we’ve observed – the evidence is compelling and will likely lead to some kind of summonses and/or arrests.

Drinking & driving is just not ever a good idea!

(Maybe 46 year old ladies who don’t keep up their bodies and strike out in Hoboken are prone to getting wasted and angry?)

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  1. hoboken411 says:

    Astonishing update (1:20am): I overheard that this lady was not arrested. So she either is “connected” in some way, or they don’t issue summonses for just “plain bad driving…”

    Who crashes a car into a building? How do you even have a “license” to operate a motor vehicle? Was texting or other distraction involved?

    Can’t comprehend.

  2. Deadpool says:

    I live in Hudson Square South, aka the building she backed into. She initially hit a tree head on, on the south side of 2nd, went in reverse and backed right into the side of the building and got stuck in the hedges. The guy she was with was yelling for her to get out of the car and he got in the driver’s seat and was trying to get the car loose, but the tires were just spinning out and the car couldn’t budge like a car stuck in the mud. It’s not a very wide street to begin with, so I’m not ever sure how she could have managed to hit that tree head on.

  3. yourbrainondrugs says:

    Is her last name Kennedy ❓

  4. hoboken411 says:

    Here’s a photo of the incident from James – who said “The car hit a tree on the south end of the street and backed into the side of the Hudson Square South building. Nnot even sure how this angle can happen, bit drunk drivers never cease to amaze. All I know is that it was 2 LOUD bangs.”

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