No respect for motorcycles in Hoboken

Hoboken motorcycles get damaged and stolen

Motorcycles parked on the street in Hoboken are just as susceptible to the same vandalism that cars often receive (like broken windows). I see scenes similar to the photo below all the time – of a bike toppled over either by idiotic driver, or some drunk buffoons.

However, lately bikes are simply getting plucked off the street. Just this past Sunday alone – three motorcycles were reported stolen.

It’s suspected that some truck or van pulls over and simply wheels the bikes on and speeds off.

Why don’t motorcycles have alarms as well?

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3 Comments on "No respect for motorcycles in Hoboken"

3 years 6 months ago

How does no one see these things get stolen with so many people crammed into a small city like this?

joey maxim
3 years 6 months ago

in retrospect,,,,is it the same as bikers driving in packs up and down washington st untill two oclock in the morning? most of the bikers are not from hoboken.pity the poor local biker that had his unit damaged or stolen..not his her fault.

3 years 6 months ago

Make that #4…I just had my motorcycle stolen Aug 2nd on the 300 block of Adams right in front of my place. Had the wheel locked and everything so it would have taken a few guys to pick it up and load it in a van/truck as it is nearly 400lbs and would not simply “roll in”. After getting run around in circles, a police officer told me “You are F#*$Ed”. Stay classy