Maru: Another Hoboken restaurant closed for vacation

Earlier this summer – we debated on whether it’s appropriate for a restaurant (like Dino & Harry’s) to close for an extended period (i.e., vacation).

More recently, Hoboken411 received a few emails about Maru Japanese Restaurant (219 Washington St.) being closed (phone disconnected, etc.)

Further inspection revealed that a sign on the front of the establishment indicated “Vacation – open September 10.” The brown paper in the window suggested that perhaps some minor renovations are taking place during their down time.

Dino & Harry’s closes in Hoboken, NJ (temporarily)


Dino & Harry’s is a very popular restaurant / steakhouse up on 14th & Garden Streets uptown. And in case you didn’t know – they’ve been closed for the past week, and will remain closed until July 9th.

What restaurant closes for three weeks like that? Is the summer season that slow that it actually loses money by staying open?