Some Hoboken places become cramped with strollers

At what point do the massive stroller SUV’s become a general nuisance?

The other day – I was at Starbucks uptown, and this woman and her double-wide stroller was causing a helluva commotion trying to move within the tight confines of the shop. People had to move from where they were sitting, she was knocking things over and more. Not to mention she desperately needed the low-carb lifestyle herself.

But with these baby carriages becoming gargantuan enough to cause trouble for ordinary customers just minding their own business at a coffee shop – at what point should their presence be regulated in some way?

Frankly, I’d prefer that these people didn’t have the sense of entitlement to drag their stuff everywhere – and that common sense would allow them to voluntarily not cause a debacle wherever they went. But we know that’s not going to happen – and sadly, more “rules” will eventually be necessary.

Has the massive stroller movement reached a tipping point yet, or will it only get worse?