Hudson County hosts bike safety class in Hoboken, NJ

This coming Saturday, June 23rd from 9am to 5pm – the Hudson County TMA is hosting a free one day class for adults to learn fundamental common sense that they should have learned in elementary school how to bike in an urban environment. It’s being held at the Multi-Service Center at 2nd & Grand Streets.

Funny that the city of Hoboken – and their gung-ho bike lane paint orgy – didn’t come up with this training class, and that the County had to do it. You’d think that a city shoving bicycles down everyone’s throat would at least have some kind of safety awareness attached.

Regardless – I believe that any adult with a shred of common sense doesn’t need an 8 hour class to teach them survival instincts, and it’d be much better if Darwin handled those cases. But I digress. See flier below (including 411 edits).

Call (201)792-2825 to sign up.