Hoboken not as dog-friendly as they say

Who says Hoboken is the No. 1 dog-friendly city?

Let me start out by saying any “Top 10″ list that comes from a mainstream commercial entity is most often propaganda or fluff to strategically sell more issues.

That being said, remember last year – when BellaDOG magazine rated Hoboken Number One Dog Friendly City in the USA?

This week, Hoboken411 reader Jennifer wanted to share how hard it is to find a place to live that allows dogs.

Try finding an apartment in Hoboken if you have a dog!

Jennifer writes:

“I’ve been searching for an apartment in Hoboken for about a month now and have yet to find a place that will allow me to have my dog. I even stumbled across this craigslist posting that agrees. I’m so fed up of turned down because I have a small dog.”

Here’s what the Craigslist rant she mentioned said:

“I’m not sure how this magazine got to ranked Hoboken # 1 for being the Friendliest dog city/town in America, this must be a joke.

I agree that many businesses accommodate dogs, but that is the case in almost every city. The magazine forgot to consider the dog cop that issues tickets, the hundreds of no dog signs, and apartments that charge fees or don’t allow dogs. This is a dog friendly list? Better named dog convenient.”

(411 note: They copied that above comment in blue word-for-word from this website! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…)

“So I send them a list of how friendly the landlords in Hoboken are towards dogs. I used craigslist as a great example on how many apartments don’t want dogs and expect you to declaw your cats. Lol in most European countries declawing cats is illegal because it’s considered inhumane.

This is false advertising at it’s best.”

So what exactly does “dog friendly” mean to you?

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  1. get1out says:

    It cannot be that hard since there are thousands of dog owners in Hoboken.

  2. newhobo says:

    Maybe those people who own dogs own where they live? We own and have two dogs but if we were to rent our place out we may not allow pets. I have friends that say it is hard to find a rental that allows pets.

  3. Craig-D says:

    Hoboken is very dog friendly. As a dog owner myself, it’s great living here. There are multiple dog runs, dog care services, and pet supply stores. They are allowed in most parks (just not on the grass). Being dog-friendly doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want with your dog and take it wherever you want however. You still have to curb and pick up after Fido. The “dog cop” is there to make sure your dog is properly licensed. If you are doing what you are supposed to do, you’ll have no problems with him.

    Just about everyone who owns their home has no restrictions against owning pets. For renters, most of the larger rental buildings allow them for a fee. The fee is there to cover the costs of the damage to the property caused by people’s pets. While you may be responsible with your pet, many of your neighbors aren’t – so you have to pay for that. If you owned property that you were renting to a stranger with a pet, you too would want a pet fee or deposit to protect your property. Buildings that allow pets include: all Applied Housing buildings, The Grand Adams, Curling Club, 1000 Jefferson/800 Madison (Upper Grand), Archstone Hoboken, any rental at The Shipyard, and Observer Park to name just a few. It took a 2 minute Google search to create that list. Anyone who claims they can’t find pet-friendly housing in Hoboken isn’t looking very hard.

  4. paco says:

    sorry and I dunno but something about seeing a dog squating on a side walk turns me off…. 😯

    • Angry Bird says:

      You mean a pooping dog doesn’t turn you on?[quote comment=”216040″]sorry and I dunno but something about seeing a dog squating on a side walk turns me off…. [/quote]

      • paco says:

        It used to be a real turn on back in the day before you had to pick up the ds and doggy dumping and that gives me the dry heaves. 😀 [quote comment=”216041″]You mean a pooping dog doesn’t turn you on?[/quote]

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