Killdeer chicks successfully hatch in Hoboken, NJ

Here’s a nice update for the Killdeer bird family over on the green roof of the old Hostess building uptown: All four eggs hatched!

Little Killdeer chicks running around, will fly soon!

The Killdeer Birds are they type that essentially come out of the egg “ready to walk.” And from what I understand, these little guys will be flying 7-10 days later as well!

Most of the time, these cute birds quickly leave home for good, and set up elsewhere, but it’s not uncommon that they also nest near where they’re born.

These rascals were hard to track down, and they were energetic and didn’t sit still – but I managed to get a few seconds where three of the four chicks were in the same area.

Hostess building in Hoboken home to rare Killdeer birds!


Besides lower energy costs – there are other benefits for the “green” rooftops that modern buildings have implemented.

Take the Bijou property along 14th Street between Park and Garden. Formerly the Hostess building, and now home to CVS, NYSC and a Chase Bank – this property is home to Hoboken’s very first “living roof.”

And this haven, safe from pedestrian and vehicular traffic was inviting enough for a very rare bird to decide to make a nest and lay some eggs!

The Killdeer is a very unique bird which wants to protect it’s young (or unborn) offspring – that it’s willing to place itself in harms way in order to get what they feel are potential predators away from the nest. The bird essentially “plays dead.”

It’s truly fantastic that something other than a common city bird (pigeon, sparrow, geese) can call Hoboken home. Check back to the Bijou Birds category here on Hoboken411 for future updates, videos – and maybe we can even see the new birds hatch soon!

Check out more about the Killdeer here:

Additionally – here’s a YouTube video of how the cute bird tries luring any threat away from the nest – and plays dead. Maybe “bird brains” are smarter than we think!

Good luck with the eggs, Mr. & Mrs. Killdeer!