Hoboken police car trashed after suspect drives to Jersey City

Early Saturday morning, a large melee was reported in the Hoboken Housing Projects on the western edge of town.

Both Hoboken Police and NJ Transit police were on scene trying to keep the situation under control – when it was found out that Hoboken radio car #104 had been stolen and rapidly left the city towards Jersey City. The driver with the stolen cop car crashed right outside of Hoboken, with potential head injuries (busted windshield).

The driver who stole the squad car is still apparently at-large. One of the witnesses of this incident revealed that this actor allegedly said “he’d be back to hurt someone” in the future.

Hoboken Police were on high alert last night, beefing up presence – but the neighborhood was otherwise calm. “You could hear a pin drop,” said one eyewitness.

Maybe Hoboken is a bit short-handed in the cop department?

(Thanks to residents Dan & Pat who contributed to this story.)