Hoboken used for New Era marketing

New Era uses Hoboken image for “Chicago” commercial

New Era Caps used an image of Hoboken in their opener for this commercial – which is supposed to be set in CHICAGO! It features Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson as they trade (lame) insults about their rival teams – The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

Stinky Sullivans became “The Dividing Line” and Big Fun Toys became “Q’s Cuts.”

I guess it was too difficult to use an *actual* picture of Chicago to Photoshop?

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  1. trueblue11 says:

    great commercial.

  2. rich k says:

    What happened to the movie being shot in Hoboken Terminal a year or two back? Based on the costuming, including a soldier in uniform, it was clearly set during WWI. They were shooting on the cheap (minimal lighting and SteadiCam) so it may have been a student film.

  3. new2hoboken says:

    they filmed some of Julie & Julia at the Hoboken Terminal – set back when Julia Child was in Paris

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