Hoboken now issuing tickets for legal parking spots

Hoboken411 reader Suzette brought the latest HPU fiasco to our attention this past weekend – tickets in loading zones after hours.

“I’ve been an avid reader of Hoboken 411 since I moved to Hoboken over a year ago. I can say that some of the things HPU tickets for is unfair but this one has made the list for absolutely ridiculous!

In the 15 months I’ve lived in Hoboken, I have parked in the loading zone on 1st & Park over the weekends and after 6 pm without worry of ticketing. This morning I was greeted by a ticket on both my car and the vehicle parked behind me in the two space loading zone that is ONLY prohibited M-F from 8am-6pm. I was parked there from 6 pm last night to this morning and was not ticketed until 9:18 in the morning! A sure sign that some HPU associates are ticketing unfairly. If I were parking without a meter payment I would have surely received a ticket last night.

This department is out of line and assumes that if they give a minimal fee of $30 people will just shut up and pay up!”