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8/6/2008 Update:

Boy, it’s been over a year since I updated this post, and so much progress has been made!

Still no official entry on the Upper Grand website.


They sure use provocative innuendos in their GIANT advertising banners, don’t they?


Description – Luxury condominiums or rentals (subject to change depending on market conditions).
Website – uppergrand.com
Address – 800 Madison St., Hoboken, NJ 07030



Part of Tarragon’s “Upper Grand” development project, construction is well under way over at 800 Madison.

Check out their interactive map of Northwest Hoboken. Neat map, but much of the “park space” they’ve rendered along the light rail seems too good to be true. Are we really going to have that exact space they’ve depicted? We’ve been burned before, and it’d be nice if these parks are publicly accessible and not on top of some roof-tops, like other parks are tying to be.

Click picture to see the map.




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  1. db803 says:

    Only 3. I think it has a balcony. Way too overpriced!

  2. spooler says:

    This thread got buried so I figured I’d revive and give everyone an update on the “luxury” of 800 Madison –

    The pool is still not finished – It was promised for Memorial Day, then Independence Day, then Labor Day and now it’s just “someday”. It looks really nice as a cement hole with wooden planks though! Just like the advertisements!
    They’ve had a very difficult time filling the apartments (probably due to the rediculous rent prices) so they decided to open up the building to Stevens College Students – So now there are 3 full floors of 18-22 year olds running around. You can even join a sorority if you want! Surprisingly this wasn’t in the marketing material?
    The building itself is falling apart – 2 of the 4 lobbies are closed due to consistent flooding. To “fix” the problem, they’ve decide to remove the carpet in these lobbies and replace it with tile. This way when it floods, the cleanup effort is alot easier. The parking garage has also flooded several times due to burst pipes – I never knew this could be a problem in the summer…must be the, uh, heat?

    Instead of “Get Lucky” the motto should be “Good Luck” – You need it in this place.

  3. kellyjoy says:

    I just looked at the pricing sheet. These people have to be kidding me.

    One Bedroom, One Bathroom – $2375 and up
    Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms – $3215 and up
    Three Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms – $5000 and up

    Parking Fees
    Controlled Access Garage Parking – $225
    Application fee $75 per applicant
    Administrative fee $600
    Apt Holding Fee $250
    Water –1bdr $25 -2bdr $32 -3 bdr$40
    Pet Fee $500 per pet | two pets max.

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