Red Light Camera program over; cameras remain – why?

The stupid, Orwellian red light camera pilot program that started in NJ back in 2009, has been “over” since this past December. But why are the cameras still there?

There were no conclusive results that proved “safety” was improved (if anything “rear end” accidents may have increased due to drivers who were frightened to get “caught” by said cameras screeching their brakes on during yellow lights).

But fore sure – the municipalities in New Jersey that used these robotic pick-pockets – made tons of extra money for themselves and their cronies.

However, since they no longer issue tickets, police still say they “track” cars which run red lights. Do you feel comfortable that you might be in some database somewhere? What if they re-institute the program at some point in the future – are they going to “save” those old violations and retroactively send you tickets years later?

I’m sure you’d feel a lot better if they just dismantled them and sold the equipment to cities where this invasive policy still exists.

Red light cameras NJ

(The closest camera to Hoboken is in neighboring Jersey City near the Holland Tunnel Approach)

Letter: Jersey City traffic light camera targets mostly Hobokenites

11/22/2011 Original Post:

Hoboken411 reader Andy is a bit miffed about the two new traffic light cameras installed just outside Hoboken in Jersey City. Read on to see what he has to say!

“Have you seen the traffic light camera monitoring the intersection of Jersey Ave and 18th street by the Hoboken bridge? This thing goes off constantly and in the dark it is brighter than lightening. I am sure it is going to be the cause of accidents instead of prevent them. In fact was this intersection an accident hotspot previously? I pass through it twice a day at rush hour each time and can not recall a single accident. So, I have to assume that it is there just for revenue generation purposes. But, whose land is it placed on? It is my understanding that this is Jersey city land and they have located their only camera just to make money out of Hoboken residents. Is it not bad enough that we have extortionately high property taxes in Hoboken and now we are funding Jersey City!

I am sick of Hoboken and the surrounding area taking advantage of residents to pay for their corrupt lives. My wife and I are meeting with a builder out of town to have our dream home built and to escape this madness!”

411 Note: We stopped by the gas station the other day – and noticed the bright flash as well. While it wasn’t quite as bright as lightning, it did seem to snap photos even when we didn’t witness anyone run a light (although one car “sped up” to the light – but didn’t break the law as far as we saw.)

Perhaps like the Hoboken Parking Ticket Racket that Fox 5 News covered yesterday, Jersey City hopes to inconvenience area residents with troublesome court appearances for inaccurate tickets?